Ada Brownell

Why I Started Writing:

I didn’t have a computer or even a typewriter. But I had an idea. I was fifteen.

Already a youth leader in my church, I sent my idea for a youth service to a leader’s magazine. The editor bought the article, and that began a lifetime of taking the Spirit’s fire blazing in me hoping to spark faith in others. My first big sale, I bought an electric typewriter, enrolled in a writing course, and began selling articles to Christian magazines.

Then I stumbled into a career (reporting the news) where I was paid to pick amazing things from people’s brains. I used this knowledge in some of my books, including my latest novel, Peach Blossom Rancher. Facts I learned about insane asylums in the early 1900s while covering a mental health institute became a vital part of that book.

I didn’t expect to become a writer. I hoped to become somebody’s secretary. I’m blessed God led me into the world of words.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Since I write nonfiction as well as fiction and taught youth in Christian education for a few decades, I’ve been influenced by both nonfiction and fiction writers. Among these are Josh McDowell, A.W Toser, Watchman Nee, Mark Batterson, Frank Peretti, Janette Oke and Catherine Palmer.

Books I Have Written:

The Lady Fugitive and Peach Blossom Rancher, books One and Two in the Peaches and Dreams series.

What I'm Working On Now:

I’m creating the basics for the third book in the Peaches and Dreams series, Ritah.

Tentative Book summary: Ritah heads off to college, one of the few women who attends college in 1916. She hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming an outstanding teacher of youth going beyond grammar school. But trouble back home, sickness, and two men who propose marriage stand between her and the life she hopes to live. Will she marry one of these men? Will she achieve her goals?

Ada Brownell

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