Laurie Boulden

Why I Started Writing:

I was scared of storms as a child. All right, I still am if the lighting blazes brightly enough or the thunder rumbles deeply enough, although I have kept myself from crawling into closets. That would be weird at work. I was also a shy child; the words and images running around in my head rarely came out of my mouth. So sitting in the closet, trying to distract myself from the wildness that was sure to burst through the windows at any moment (never did), I wrote some of those words and images running around in my head onto torn pieces of notebook paper left over from school. My mother enjoyed reading what I wrote. Yes, I realize it could have been scribbles and wiggles on the page, and she would still enjoy reading it. My aunt liked the things I sent her. My teachers seemed to think I had some talent. But the thing that mattered most was … I could. Some of it’s good. Some bad. Some will never see the light of day. Some may influence my next novel choice. The bits and pieces of stories are there because they’re what’ve been in me all along.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.” This Tolkien quote is the beginning of a poem from The Lord of the Rings. Here is a world to get swept up into, lands to travel to, people to meet, adventure to enjoy. Fantasy is my first love. C.S. Lewis, Donaldson, Tolkien, Anthony—they didn’t simply create stories; they created worlds, places I could go and have adventures of my own.

My other love has been Bible stories. Stories they would read to us as little children had amazing characters, and I always wanted more of their life. There is a challenge in keeping the integrity of Biblical truth and building new narratives around those truths.

Books I Have Written:

The names of the generations from Adam to Noah have in themselves a Gospel message. Man appointed mortal sorrow. The Blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring the despairing rest. God had a plan from the beginning. In order to bring that plan to fruition, the rampant evil of the age of Noah had to be wiped out. The flood was necessary. Flood: A Wife for Shem is a possible imagining of those days. Merial, of the village of Amon Ra, is drawn to the fields and the forests that lay beyond her home. There among the trees, she discovers the sons of Noah. They are not like the men of the village. She is wary of them and yet, curious. The more she learns of them, the more she desires the rest of her family to leave the village and take their place with Noah. But her family won’t. As destruction looms closer, Merial has to decide if she will forsake her family or perish with them in the rising waters of the flood. A flood is coming, how will you survive?

Everyone has a weakness, a flaw that if permitted to can have a negative influence on how life is lived. For Avery, that flaw is her perception of her weight. Weighed Down is the story of an advertising entrepreneur who struggles with weight and relationship. She doesn’t take notice of her great legs or creative business savvy. Stanley Fischer does, and as her Life Coach, he wants her to discover what’s really inside that huge chip on her shoulder. Because it isn’t her weight, and if she has the courage to face the truth, she won’t stay weighed down and she might find a relationship worth everything.

What I'm Working On Now:

The next completed project is a collection of twisted and retold fairy tales. Think it’s strange Cinderella was able to captivate the prince in a single night? You aren’t alone. Marissa has her doubts as well. Join her in Cinderella Spell and find out what’s really going on. Will Marissa find a way to save the prince before it is too late? What of the other tales, you ask? There’s a bewitched sister, an ugly princess, a cursed frog, and a pied piper at the gingerbread house. You’ll discover even more jewels and gems in this fun collection.

The almost completed project is an adaptation of a wonderful Bible story. Redeemed of Jericho takes us to the top of the wall, looking out across the valley flickering with campfires of the ghost army. Rahab isn’t a victim, she’s doing exactly what she wants to do, until the God of a foreign nation calls her to be something different. The story of Rahab offers a fresh look at the battle of Jericho and an unexpected romance that twines the genealogy of Jew and Gentile.

Laurie Boulden

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