Lisa Godfrees

Why I Started Writing: I always dreamed of being a writer. When I was a child, I made maps of fantasy worlds because all the best fantasy books had maps at the beginning. But coming up with original story ideas proved too complicated, so I became an avid reader and turned to a life of science.

I lucked into a job at a crime lab where I worked as a forensic scientist for over a decade. When I left my job to be a stay-at-home mom, I met a woman at church who was an author. She introduced me to the world of fiction writing and my dream eventually became my reality.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me: Nancy Kimball, author of the amazing Chasing the Lion, is the woman who introduced me to the world of Christian fiction writers. The books that take up the most room on my shelves are Robin McKinley’s, JK Rowling’s, Robert Jordan’s, and Anne McCaffrey’s. Since I’ve become an author, my new favorites are Tosca Lee, Kerry Nietz, Marc Schooley, Nadine Brandes, John Otte, and Jill Williamson. These authors exemplify the best of speculative fiction from a Christian worldview.

Books I Have Written: My first novel, Mind Writer, co-authored with Mike Lynch, is a science fiction thriller involving clones, genetic engineering, a corrupt government on the brink of war, and a secret facility where everyone must wear gloves.

What I'm Working On Now: Two separate projects:

A middle-grade fantasy series featuring American folklore from different regions of the US. The first book of the series, Fearsome Critters, is complete and seeking representation.

Truth Seeking, a 2013 Genesis Speculative finalist, is a reimagining of the story of Ruth in a fantasy setting.

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Lisa Godfrees

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