Alice Kalso

Why I Started Writing:

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to write. I wrote my first two poems at age eight. Soon I was hooked on stories, especially those of God’s work in people’s lives. As a pastor’s daughter, I heard story after story from Daddy’s sermons on Sunday morning.  My childhood dream of writing came true much later, though, after college, marriage, and children. Struggling with a difficult period in our family life, I turned to Catherine Marshall’s Beyond Ourselves. Her writing ministry began as she grappled with grief over the death of her husband. The book inspired me, and I, too, began to write.  God led me to many people who had suffered great loss, and were enabled by God’s grace to help others. I have published more than two hundred articles in newspapers and magazines.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I’ve been influenced by so many writers. Here are a few: C. S. Lewis, Catherine Marshall, Anne Lamott, Annie Dillard, Alan Paton, St. John of the New Testament, St. James, the brother of Jesus.

Books I Have Written:

Elder Care SOS: Facing Hard Choices With Hope is my first book. It is for adult children, primarily, who struggle when the roles in their family change. Aging parents bring challenges to both generations. This book is the result of my twenty-five years working with aging adults and their families on transitions. My other published writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers including Christian Parenting Today, Virtue, and Moody Monthly.

What I'm Working On Now:

I am finishing editing the book. I am also working on my blog posts.

Alice Kalso

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