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Adams, Michelle Medlock

The Little Angel Gets a Big Job

I Love You the Mostest

Alexander, John

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift Coloring Book

Anderson, Max Elliot

Great Cave Caper

Legend of the White Wolf

Mysterious Cabin

Newspaper Caper

North Woods Poachers

The Sense of Humor

Tracy's Choices

The Sam Cooper Adventures:

Lost Island Smugglers

Captain Jack’s Treasure

River Rampage

This Property is Condemned

At the Buzzer

Ghosts in the Old Attic

Accidental Adventures of Kurt Benson and His Friends, Riley and Jordan:

The Cat Burglar

Funny Money

The Secret of Grandmother’s Grandfather Clock

Summer Camp Troubles

Danger Mountain

Shadow of the Fat Man

Armstrong, Elizabeth

Little Boy, Little Boy

Artieri, Kelly

Perfect Enough

Special Spots**

Arthur, Randall

ABCs on the Move

Forgotten Road


Babcock, Derinda

Dodging Destiny

Following Destiny

Hunting for Destiny

In Search of Destiny

Voices from the Past

Colorado Treasure

The Jindentors

Barganier, Jeff

Lawson's Bluff

Barnes, Jerry

When Heaven Visits

Angels on the Battlefield**

Barnes, Sandra

Presence of Cyn

28 First Kisses

Beckwith, Dave and Joanne

Your Winning Edge

I Love the World: It's People I Can't Stand

Beeman, MM

Nick Banner and the Pharaoh’s Greed

Beery, Karin

Summer Plans and Other Disasters

Benson, Joan

His Gift

Boulden, Laurie

Weighed Down

Bradford, T. E.

Child of Prophecy

Child of Destiny

Child of Grace**

Dragon Between Worlds

Heart of the Ajs

Brantley, Brent

You Cannot Grasp the River

Brownell, Ada

The Lady Fugitive

Peach Blossom Rancher

Burday, Lane Jordan


Burke, Ralene

Armor of Aletheia

Sword of Soter

Burton, Debbie

Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street

Return to Blueberry Street

Burton, Sherwood

Israel: A Photographic Journal


Campbell, Anne Baxter

Blessed by Time

Fear Not

Carlson, Jenna

A Big Hot Mess**

Carpenter, Willard

The Amish Menorah

The Men of Amish Fiction Present A Christmas Collection

Cartee, Gail


Cassel, Kathy


Catching Hope

Chambers, Sally

The Stonekeepers

Out of the Shadows

Chapman, Jill

The Bomb Squad**

Chatman, Andrea

Beneath the Deep**

Cheek, Kathy

First Breath of Morning

Collins, Andrew (Ace)

A Date with Death (Video)

The Dark Pool (Video)

Blood Brother

Fatal Addiction

The Devil’s Eyes

The Dead Can Talk

Bottled Madness

Shadows In the Moonlight


Uneasy Alliance

The 13th Floor (Video)

The White Rose (Video)

The Cat's Eye

The Red Suit Case

Set for Danger

The Yellow Packard

The Trojan Horse

The Wolf Pack

In the President's Service:Episodes 1-3

In the President's Service:Episodes 4-6

Touchdown Tommy

Conklin, Christa


Craig, Patrick E.

Amour mi Tien--Keep My Love**

The Amish Menorah

The Men of Amish Fiction Present A Christmas Collection

The Lost Coast

The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch

Cravitz, Edna

Keep Running, Maggie McRooney


Daly, Jane S.

The Girl in the Cardboard Box**

Davidson, Andy

When Sunday Smiled

All That Matters**

Davis, Pat Jeanne

When Valleys Bloom Again

Day, Nicolas C.

Into the Great Marinara**

DeArmond, Deb

Bumper Sticker Be-Attitudes

We May Be Done, But We're Not Finished**

Dyer, Zanne

Dark Motives


Edwards, Dejah

Shattered Innocence: A Journey to Restoration

Eicher, Jerry

The Amish Menorah

When Hearts Break

The Men of Amish Fiction Present A Christmas Collection

Elgin, Diane

Daddy, How Does a Sloth Give a Hug?

Elliott, Sharon Norris

Didn't See That Coming


Fairchild, Jacqueline Gillam

Estate of Mind

Felkins, Mary A.

You Are the Reason**

Fernandez, Fran

I'm Bored!

The Glorious Pursuit: Created By God--For God**

Finger, Catherine

Anchored by Death

Capsized by Death

Cleansed by Death

Shattered by Death

Ford, Dr. Marolyn

God Said Yes!--Triumph over Tragedy

Fulton, Billie

Faith Is Not Silent

Just a Moment


Gabriel, Justin

Kings of the Promised Land

Gansky, Aaron & Kaye Morrison

Heart's Song

Gillespie, Terri

Sweet Rivalry

Godfrees, Lisa

Mind Writer

Goodrich, Donna

A Step in the Write Direction

Gormong, Beth

Hello, Beautiful! Finally Love Yourself Just As You Are (with Jeanette Levellie)

Yes, You Can! Overcome Crises with God's Help (with Jeanette Levellie)

Grant, Susan

The Bottle House

Greene, Anne

Angels with Steel Wings

Holly Garden, P.I: Red is for Rookie

Shadow of the Dagger

Trail of Tears

Grimes, Janet Morris

Solomon's Porch**


Haggerty, Deb

These Are the Days of My Life

Haggerty, Roy & Deb

Experiencing God's Love in a Broken World--A Spiritual Journey

Hall, J Alden

Connected: From Godfather to Glory

Hamill, Luann

Henry's Great Adventure

Mayflower Marty

Patrick Finds a Wonder Place**

Rocco's Day Out**

Violet's Fixable Problem

Harrelson, Lael

Tremors of Doubt

Helveston, Jason

Tell Me Everything: How Jesus Told Me His Story

Hensley, Dennis E.

Jesus in the Twenty-First Century


Finding Success with Your Dream Writing Projects**

Hogan, Erica Marie

The Lost Generation

Winter Queen

Dance of Shadows

Crown of Flames

Winter's Light

The Good German Girl

Hopler, Whitney

Wake Up to Wonder

Hoss, Christy

The Rubber Band

The Rubber Band Stretches**

Houser, Antwan

The Amazing ABCs of Successful Faith Activity Book

Fairy Tale Faith

Hubler, Marsha

Tommi Pockets

Runner Shoots His Best Game

Hynson, Lori

SuperGal vs GOD

SuperGal vs GOD Study Guide

Hyssong, Dell

Joy for the Journey

Joy for the Journey: The Joy Continues

Makayla's Heart


Inman, Travis W.

Shadow: One Choice a Future Makes

When Love Called

Then Came Grace

A Matter of Justice**


James, Clarice Gregoire


Party of One

Manhattan Grace

The Girl He Knew

The Least of These**

Janney, Rebecca Price

Easton at the Forks

Easton in the Valley

Easton at the Crossroads

Easton at the Pass

Morning Glory

Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Jeter, Debra Coleman

Joy After Noon

Song of Sugar Sands


Johnson, Cheryl

Benny Finds a Home

Benny Learns a Lesson

Johnson, Kim

What About Me?


Kalso, Alice

Elder Care SOS: Facing Hard Choices with Hope**

Karpf, Jason William

Brimstone 1

Brimstone 1 Study Guide

Kasperski, Dawn

A New Baby, How Can It Be?

Kinsinger, Lucinda

Turtle Heart: The Story of a Lonely Old Ojibwa Woman and a Shy Little Mennonite Girl**

Kitz, David

365 Days through the Psalms, Vol I

365 Days through the Psalms, Vol II

365 Days through the Psalms, Vol III**

Krafve, Cathy

The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations

Krager, Teresa

Before Your Birth Day


Lazurek, Michelle

The Best Gift of All

Uniquely You

Leach, Jeanne Marie

The Plight of Mattie Gordon**

Lee, Megan Whitson

Dangerous to Know

Lehr, Kristin

One Smooth Stone

Jesus Calms a Storm

In a Belly Stinky and Smelly

A Holy Night in Bethlehem

Lenhard, Gail

I Talk with My Hands (with Jeanne Mansfield)**

Leslie, Mark Alan

Chasing the Music

Operation Jeremiah's Jar

The Crossing

The Last Ayilah

The Three Sixes

Torn Asunder

Levellie, Jeannette

Hello, Beautiful! (with Beth Gormong)

The Heart of Humor

Yes, You Can! (with Beth Gormong)

Levesque, Peggy

Ashes in the Wind

Lewis, Timothy

The Glitter Effect**

Liesner, Delores

Be the Miracle-Second Edition

Lindquist, Kerstin

5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace

Lindsey, Beckie





Lis, Jan

I Hate Oatmeal

Tyrone the Terrible

Lough, Loree

Sundown Diner**

Louwes, Jennie

ABCs of Motherhood: Encouragement to Build Upon**

Loveberry, Laura

Paint Splat Hero

Lundell, Peter

The Sailboat and the Sea

The Sailboat and the Sea Study Guide

Luftig, Robin Gilbert

Ladies of the Fire

Lurie, Cindy

From Hair to There**

Lynch, Mike

Mind Writer


Macias, Kathi

40-Day Devotional Challenge

To the Moon and Back**

Mansfield, Jeanne

I Talk With My Hands**

Mattis, Chip

Under the Dancing Tree

Mattis, Jessie

Power Up

McAvoy, Doreen

Secrets in September**

McCarthy, Michele

Aunt Ida Clare

McClain, Carol

Borrowed Lives

Melson, Edie

Maiden of Iron: A Steampunk Fable

Miller, Kathy Collard

At the Heart of Friendship

Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series

God's Intriguing Questions: 40 Old Testament Devotions Revealing God's Nature

God's Intriguing Questions: 60 New Testament Devotions Revealing Jesus's Nature

Heart Wisdom: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series

Whispers of My Heart: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series

No More Anger: Help For An Out-of-Control Mom

Pure-Hearted: The Blessings of Living Out God's Glory

Mood, Diana

Enough! Learning to Thrive in Brokenness

Moynihan, Timothy

Prodigal Avenger

Mueller, Mary

What Did You Bring Me


Napier, Barry

As Far Away As Possible


Break Every Chain

Nelson, Jennifer

Divine Soldier**

Nye, Thomas

The Amish Menorah

The Men of Amish Fiction Present A Christmas Collection


O'Hare, Annette

Puppy Ciao

No Bones About It**

Chu Toy**

Pound of Flesh**

Dog Days of Summer**

Dog Tags**

O'Sullivan, Claire

Romance Under Wraps


Parker, Dr. Johnny

Turn the Page

Turn the Page Coloring Book

Pelley, Kathleen

Five Little Angels

Petherick, Jeff

Grace Like Rain


Pierce, Shelley

The Wish I Wished Last Night

Battle Buddies

624 Juniper Street

I Know What Grandma Does While I'm Napping

High-Water Hattie

Sweet Moments: Insight and Encouragement for the Pastor's Wife

Get Off the Struggle Bus

Pitts, Sally Jo

And Then Blooms Love

Designed for Love

Stumbling upon Love

The Winter Solstice Bride

Pura, Murray

The Amish Menorah

The Men of Amish Fiction Present A Christmas Collection

Uzura Seki

The Light at St. Silvans



Rae, Kimberly

Coming Home to Hudson

Renalds, Claudette

By the Sea

Journey to Hope

Jonah's War**

Roeleveld, Lori Stanley

Red Pen Redemption

Rogers, Steven

Into the Room**

Rondeau, Linda

Fiddlers Fling


Hosea's Heart

I Prayed for Patience: God Gave Me Children

It Really Is a Wonderful Life

Legacy of Regret**

Miracle on Maple Street

Second Helpings

Snow on Bald Mountain

The Fifteenth Article

The Ghosts of Trumball Mansion**

Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt?

Roth, Andrew

Wildfire for Rose

Renewed Redemption

Train to Laramie

Mercy Again**

Rueger, Lydia

Victor and the Vroom


Schofield, Sheri

God? Where Are You?**

Schrader, Nicole

Darwin Finds Freedom

Scott, Donna

Tapestry of Trauma

Shawhan, Joanie

In Her Shoes: Dancing in the Shadow of Cancer

Shipman, Dawn

The Lost Stones of Argonia: Kingdom Lost**

Shupp, James

One Blinding Vision: The Quest to See Jesus

Who Killed My Church?

Simmons, Cynthia L.

Pursuing Gold

Pursuing Gold: A History & Critical Thinking Curriculum

Reflecting Gold**

Valuing Gold

Smith, Janet Paige

God, Mt. Fuji, and Sweet Tea**

Smith, Poppy

Go For It!

South, Steven

The Queen of Steel and Fire**

Stewart, Susan K.

Donkey Devos**

Our Well Being, Our Writing**

Stouten, Dann

The Thin Place**

Stovall, Shelia

Every Window Filled with Light


Teague, Kim

The Secret of Jenny’s Portrait

Deadly Pretense

Terrette, Kristen

See You Monday**

Thomas, Leigh Ann

Smack Dab in the Midlife Zone

Torres, Debra

The Forbidden Gift**

Trumbore, Lisa

Away in the Snow for Christmas

Marooned on Monkey Island

Turner, Blossom

Anna's Secret



Van Vleet, Becky

Harvey, the Traveling Harmonica

Talitha, the Traveling Skirt

Vorreiter, Katie

Fifty Days


Wagoner, Evelyn J.

The Canary Cage

Ward, Caleb


Ward, Whitney

MORE Than My Mountain**

MORE Than Your Mountains**

MORE Than Creation**

Weatherly, Gene


Weaver, Faith Colleen

Once Upon a Book

Weigelt, Matthew

The Mysterious Matt Barnes (Book 1)

Hidden in the Light (Book 2)

Wells, P. S.

Chasing Sunrise

Homeless for the Holidays

Westlake, Laurie Green

Calculated Risk**

Wheeler, Phyllis

The Long Shadow

White, Molly S.

Deceived: God Brought Purpose from My Pain

Williams, Nancy Arrant

Murder Walks on Peachtree Street

Mayhem at Primrose Cottage**

Wilson, Ken

Loved More Than You Know

Wyland, Donna

If I Could Ask Jesus

Your Home in Heaven

Wyse, Amos

Blessed Are the Meek

Blessed Are the Clean in Heart**

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

The Amish Menorah

The Men of Amish Fiction Present A Christmas Collection




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