Debbie Burton

Why I Started Writing:

My journey as a writer began with the daily routine of keeping a prayer journal. Over the years, my journal became a spiritual retreat from the stressful responsibilities of teaching elementary school. After retiring, I embarked on a process of self-discovery. A book, The Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer, encouraged me to seek God to discover my gifts. I felt a calling to write poetry. Within a few months, I joined Word Weavers International and began attending critique groups. Eventually, several of my poems became published in Time of Singing, a journal of Christian poetry.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

A good book touches the reader’s heart and takes them to new places. In Anne of Green Gables, Lucy M. Montgomery brought Prince Edward Island alive through her sensory descriptions. In A Land Remembered, Patrick D. Smith paints word pictures of the Florida wilderness as seen through the eyes of early pioneers. I am inspired by memorable characters who overcome challenges.

As an elementary teacher, I read many books aloud to my students. Judy Blume has always been one of my favorite authors. The children enjoyed Fudge’s antics in the book, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I knew if I ever wrote a children’s book, I wanted to make them laugh.

Books I Have Written:

Buddy the Beagle on Blueberry Street introduces Buddy, a rescue beagle who has trouble following his owners’ rules. Buddy thinks he doesn’t need people until he breaks a safety rule and hurts himself. Unable to walk, Buddy discovers how much he needs everyone’s help to recover. This early reader chapter book encourages children to never give up when facing a challenge.

Return to Blueberry Street is the sequel to my first book. The neighbors on Blueberry Street become concerned when a porch bandit steals their deliveries of dog treats. Buddy the beagle leads a group of canine companions who work together to stop the bandit. His rival, a bully dog named Blitz, rejects Buddy’s leadership and challenges him to compete for the title of “Super Sleuth of Blueberry Street.” Return to Blueberry Street teaches the values of friendship and fairness while engaging readers in a mystery that leaves everyone guessing until the furry finale.

What I'm Working On Now:

I intend to continue to write more children’s books which teach positive values in an entertaining way. Currently, I visit elementary schools and speak to students about the importance of literacy. During my interactions with teachers and students, I stay in touch with the many challenges facing the youth of today. In my books, I want to develop relatable characters which engage children and encourage empathy for others.

Debbie Burton

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