Michele McCarthy

Why I Started Writing:

My writing journey began later in life. I was attending a three-week ministry school when one of the leaders asked me if I wrote. “Um, well, I journal sometimes,” I answered. She then suggested I tell my story (which she didn’t know)—that it would help others. Somehow, I knew those words were God-inspired. So I wrote my story. I asked God what to do next. Long story short, I met Linda Evans, attended AWSA as a protégé, and the rest is history. I am on the great adventure with the Lord as He guides me through this process. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I love to read so there are many authors who have influenced me. Becky Wade, Dee Henderson, Nancy Rue, Kristin Heitzman, Chris Fabry, Charles Martin.

Books I Have Written:

Daddy and Me 

Aunt Ida Clare 

What I'm Working On Now:

Adult nonfiction:  A Funny Thing Happened on My Way from Here to There 

Children’s: Papa Loves You, Genesis to Jesus, Aunt Ima Mazing and What’s Next: Next Steps for the New Believer 

Michele McCarthy

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