Bader Rabadi

Why I Started Writing:

My name is Bader Rabadi, and I was born and raised in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City, the center of Christianity. Though I proudly identified as a Christian, I felt distanced from the word of God, and my primary interests lay in the history, geography, politics, and social dynamics of the land around me. At the time, I was not able to find a structured course of study to deepen my understanding of the land. That all changed when I discovered a tour guide program featuring many topics of interest. I enrolled and discovered the course was designed by secular individuals who shared my interest in secularism.

One of the subjects covered was Christianity, and the experience of visiting Christian sites that commemorated the life of Jesus had a profound impact on me. As we explored these sites and read Scriptures related to them, I felt as though the word of God infused the places with a spiritual energy, making them come alive with truth. As a result, my faith began to grow, and I felt as though the spirit of the Word of God had touched my heart.

Following the completion of the course, I remained focused on work outside of tourism until, seven years later, an opportunity presented itself to guide a group of pilgrims due to a shortage of available tour guides. As I introduced myself to the group, I quickly recognized the diversity of backgrounds, ages, and interests among them. Yet, when I mentioned Jesus Christ, a remarkable thing happened—their focus immediately shifted, and their hearts and minds became fixated on the Word of God and the story of Jesus. This experience was one of the reasons why I changed my career to become a guide for pilgrims. I kept hearing the words of God “follow Me” and “go out into the deep.”

My journey began, and with every visit to a site where Jesus passed, Jesus revealed more to me about His life and journey on Earth, and I eagerly share these insights with the pilgrims I guide. One day, a member of my group whispered in my ear, suggesting that I write a book to help pilgrims keep the word of God alive in their hearts.

I never thought of myself as a writer, nor did I know much about editing, designing, or publishing, and I never thought I would be, but I said, “Your will be done”. When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, and tourism ground to a halt, I felt a renewed sense of purpose to write and compile the book.

After finishing the first draft, I realized I needed help refining my writing and language skills to better convey my ideas. This made me doubt the idea of writing a book. But every time I prayed, Jesus provided me with people to offer their support and assistance As Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you.”

With prayer and perseverance, I found my way to Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., where I signed a contract to publish my book. Through this journey, I have learned that anything is possible in the name of Jesus, and I look forward to completing the work and translating it into other languages to bring the Word of God closer to many nations.

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