Connie Clyburn

Why I Started Writing:

Growing up, I liked nothing better than curling up with a book. I read constantly, traveling to distant lands, experiencing trials and tribulations the characters were put through. One of my favorite books was Cashelmara, by Susan Howatch. I checked it out at my high school library so many times, they should have given it to me for my home library! That book, and others I’ve read along the way, influenced me to want to share stories in a way that positively affected other’s lives. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Susan Howatch, mentioned earlier, influenced me tremendously as a teenager. Since then, the list has grown to include Steven James, Cindy Sproles, and my friends and coauthors Michelle Medlock Adams and Cynthia Lovely. 

Books I Have Written:

Willy the Silly-Haired Snowman, children’s book, Hoot Books Publishing 

Peace and Promise During a Crisis, e-devotional cowritten with Cynthia Lovely 

Wisdom from the Doublewide, forthcoming from Elk Lake Publishing 

What I'm Working On Now:

I’m currently working on other projects, including a children’s book, a devotional I’m cowriting with authors, Michelle Medlock Adams and Cynthia Lovely, and an e-magazine that will celebrate the Southern Appalachian area where I live. 

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