Nawal White

Why I Started Writing:

As a young child, the ability to write fascinated me. I remember being fascinated when I watched a server jot down my family's order into a small notepad at a local restaurant. When we arrived home, I scribbled all over a piece of paper in loopy, zig-zag motions, attempting to imitate the server. Although I had not mastered all twenty-six letter formations at four years old, I knew they were used to convey a message. 

My writing skills emerged and became diary entries. My diary originated as a chunky, square book with lock and key, then converted into an electronic diary, Dear Diary, and then circled back into pen and paper, but in a college-ruled spiral notebook. 

My writing remained at the personal level—I only wrote about personal experiences and everyday life. A college assignment switched my gears. The task was to create a children's book, and it sparked an interest that I would constantly think about. Over the next several years, I was presented with signs, sent from above, that continued to move me in the direction of writing another book. 

Fast forward many years, and a career change was the last push to make my dream a reality. When I left the classroom, I felt a void, so I decided to write books to remain connected with students and educators.  

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Children’s book authors are my main influencers.  

Bill Martin Jr., and John Archambault are the authors of my first two favorite books: Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, followed by Russell Hoban, who wrote The Francis Collection, to Beverly Cleary with Ramona and Beezus series, and expanded to Gertrude Chandler Warner with The Boxcar Children series. 

My list grew longer, and my love intensified when I became an early childhood educator. Deborah Diesen, Mo Willems, and Patricia Pollacco are among many others who have landed on my favorite's list. 

Deborah Diesen is the author who personally inspired me to write a children's book. When I was a Pre-K teacher, the school posted an "About Me" section on its website. One question was, "What is your favorite book?" I replied, The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. Fast forward a little in life, and I was surprised by a signed copy of the book in the mail. This generous gesture provoked email communication between Deborah and me. I mentioned how I hoped to be an author one day, and she gave encouragement and advice on how to move forward as a writer. 

Fast-forward, again, many years later, and I finally ignited the flame and worked diligently to become an author. After the completion of the manuscript for Amazingly Awesome Alphabetical Animals, I reached out to a local author / family friend who generously guided me to become the published author I dreamed of being. Thanks to Leslie Thompson's generous guidance, I landed right here and couldn't be prouder.  

Books I Have Written:

Amazingly Awesome Alphabetical Animals 

What I'm Working On Now:

A children’s book with a message of teamwork and unity. 

Amazing Animals

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