Jason William Karpf

Why I Started Writing:

Storytelling was the family business. My late mother, Elinor Karpf-Hager, a screenwriter for nearly thirty yearswas my teacher and eventual business partner in the entertainment industrybegan my storytelling as an actor and short-story contest winner as a child, transitioning to screenwriter as a young man. At midlife, directed my writing passion toward marketing, fundraising, and teachingToday, I return to fiction, telling stories in the name of Jesus. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Rod Serling, creator of ThTwilight Zone, uses our dreams and defects to make the unbelievable inevitable. We would jump aboard a Kanamit saucer in “To Serve Man.” We would join the neighborhood mob in “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” And just like the cast of characters in every episode, we’d fall victim to the Serling twist in the end. 

Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, places dilemma and violence in beautiful murals, daring us to look away. In the novel version of Live and Let Die, the Caribbean’s undersea life captivates as 007 scuba-dives toward his assassination target. In the movie version of Goldfinger, Fort Knox’s inner sanctum dazzles as Bond battles to stop economic Armageddon. 

Ray Bradbury bridges our small-town past and space-age future, turning everyday people into astronauts, time-travelers, or dinosaur-hunters. In The Martian Chronicles, the Red Planet replaces the American West—desolate, dangerous, and irresistible. Killers, preachers, miners, and shopkeepers meet their fate on the frontier sixty million miles from Earth. Outer space isn’t exclusive to heroes like Buck Rogers or Luke Skywalker. According to Bradbury, it summons migrants like us. 

Books I Have Written:

In 1994, I wrote Anatomy of a Massacre, a true-crime book about the era’s worst mass shooting, the attack on Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, TX, that claimed twenty-three lives. The book is out-of-print, but used copies are available on Amazon and other online booksellers. More recently, I wrote Developing a Christian Marketing Plan and Writing for the Christian Online Studentboth available on Amazon, inspired by teaching at Christian universities.

In 2020, I completed the Christian sci-fi novel, Brimstone 1. Christianity’s greatest revelation in twenty centuries is coming from the heavens—in the belly of a secret spaceship marked for destruction! If you love the Lord and you’re a fan of The Twilight Zone and James Bond (and by reading this page, you know that describes me!), I hope you’ll enjoy this book. 

What I'm Working On Now:

My next book will be The Deliverer. In 2038, Civil War II has torn America apart. Rich consumers pay armed delivery drivers to bring special purchases to their doors, pitting them against the murderous porch pirates of tomorrow. The e-commerce bloodsport is streamed constantly, with the top drivers becoming celebrities akin to ancient Roman gladiators or modern sports stars. Bren Van Allen is one of the best, an evangelizing Christian nicknamed The Deliverer who succeeds with smarts and mercy over body count. A mysterious woman in a fortified, luxury community becomes Bren’s latest customer, embroiling him in a plot to develop a terrifying new technology.

Jason Karpf

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