Deb & Bruce Potts

Why I Started Writing:

Deb: I’ve loved words since I was very young and planned on becoming a writer until my parents told me if I went to a technical college, they would buy me a car. So I sold out for a ’69 Nova! The desire was still there, and I journaled to my heart’s content. I became a Christian speaker first and kept hearing I needed to write a book. So eventually I found my way to what I was meant to do all along.

Bruce: In my career, I wrote constantly, but those were business communications and frequent presentations. Now, I am writing to inspire and help others. I faced a significant health threat and, by the grace of God I survived. Others are going through such challenges, and even worse. I felt compelled to write about the faith, hope, and prayers that were such a blessing to us. Our story could be helpful to others facing such challenges.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Deb: I’d have to say of all the authors I’ve read, Roget would be the one I have read most often. I still have my sixth-grade copy of his Thesaurus and I use it almost daily. I love C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, and other classic Christian books. I read a lot of Christian marriage books. My new favorite topic is Christian neuroscience by such authors as Chris Coursey and Marcus Warner

Bruce: Malcom Gladwell, Lee Child, Mitch Albom, Nicolas Sparks, and Karen Kingsbury.

Books I Have Written:

Deb: I self-published Making Peace with Prickly People in 2016. It’s a non-fiction book about transforming relationships by loving God, self and others. In 2018, I self-published Mindful, a devotional/coloring book that follows the same outline.

What I'm Working On Now:

Both of us: Bruce went through thirty days in an ICU in March and April of 2020. He endured two brain surgeries, uncontrollable seizures, loss of speech, and paralysis of his right side. Through it all we experienced miracles and he is totally healed today. We wanted to honor God and use this story for his glory. Love on Life Support is a fictionalized story based upon the events of our intense medical saga.

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