Kathy Cheek

Why I Started Writing:

When our two daughters were in high school, I went through a season of asking God to show me if the next path He had for me was one of three things, writing being one of the three. He very clearly showed me it was writing and with joy and hard work I embraced His gift to me with diligence and persistence. Words are a way to shine God’s light in this world. That is what I want my words to do.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

The Psalms have greatly inspired me because of their beauty and imagery. I don’t write like David or the other authors of the psalms, but when I read a few of the chapters for inspiration, I find my writing goes further and deeper.

As for current authors: Max Lucado, Chris Tiegreen, and Roy Lessin’s writing voices inspired me to want the messages I write to be uplifting and encouraging and always pointing to the Lord. There are others but I think these three had the most impact on my writing as they helped me try different styles and find my own.

Books I Have Written:

After ten years in the freelance market, First Breath of Morning is my first book and is a unique kind of devotional, one you can invite your friends to go through together and discuss in a book club format or meet for coffee and share your thoughts.  

First Breath of Morning is multi-themed with 90 devotions in six chapters that portray a beautiful picture of our walk with God through drawing near, growing our relationship, leaning into His love, strengthening our faith, trusting Him through every circumstance, and exalting Him in worship. The messages in First Breath of Morning will refresh your faith and renew your trust in God.  

What I'm Working On Now:

I am working on a second devotional book similar to First Breath of Morning in format that is untitled at this time.

Kathy Cheek

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