Chuck Richardson

Why I Started Writing:

I write because I want to inform others and I want to learn. I write because I want to be able to teach others the things I have learned. English Literature was my favorite class in high school and college, because I enjoyed reading. I found that when I wrote about what I had read that I understood it much more deeply than by reading alone. In 2018, I was inspired to write True Status as a short story after hearing our youngest daughter, Jillian, talk about taking a creative writing class. True Status morphed into a novel when Jillian asked about what happened to the main characters.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Growing up I loved science fiction, so Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury were among my favorite authors. The writings of the apostle Paul helped me to truly understand Christianity which led to my salvation. In recent years, K.M. Weiland, Dwight V. Swain, John Truby and several other authors of craft books on writing helped me understand how to write a story. As an educator, teacher, and trainer for much of my life, I greatly appreciate John Milton Gregory’s book on the fundamental laws of teaching.

Books I Have Written:

True Status is a Christian spiritual warfare novel where the battleground is the human heart. It is the story of Billy Yates, a forty-two year old Black college math professor, who holds deep skepticism about God’s goodness and power, but after a series of strange occurrences, Billy realizes that he is the prize in a terrifying spiritual battle between good and evil. So Billy begins a difficult journey to find faith in God when he has none. The story is summed up in the statement, “The passage out of death and into life is hard to find.”

What I'm Working On Now:

A Better Place Series, Book 1:  Erimean Genesis

Imagine the world that Adam and Eve would have built if they had not disobeyed God. They would have still had the challenge of caring for and protecting the garden as well as the responsibility of ruling over God’s creation and filling and subduing the planet. Erimean Genesis is the story of Erimea, Earth’s twin, a planet where the first parents obeyed God, and so stayed in close fellowship with Him. A subsequent book in the series will focus on incredible technological advances made on Erimea and how certain developments threaten the planet’s survival. The conclusion of the Better Place series will tell the story of the clash of cultures when humans from Earth and Erimea finally meet.

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