Kaylena Radcliff

Why I Started Writing:

It’s hard to remember a time before I started writing. My imagination ran wild as a kid, and as soon as I learned to form letters and put words together on a page, I had an outlet for all my outlandish ideas. I fell in love with writing. That love never stopped growing, and neither did the stories I wanted to tell.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Discovering C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia as a child launched my love for the world of fantasy, speculative, and science fiction. As a young adult, I have been deeply influenced by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Flannery O’Connor, John Donne, and Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Books I Have Written:

I am the author of several books, including the children’s biography, Torchlighters: Corrie Ten Boom; Mouse, Fox, and Lion—books I, II, and III of the YA dystopian fantasy series, The Elmnas Chronicles, and a post-earth space thriller, The Canaan Project.  I have also written short stories, articles, and a poem or two featured in a variety of publications.

What I'm Working On Now:

Currently I am working with ELPI on The Tower of Cortico, a high-seas adventure fantasy full of action, magic, political intrigue, humor, and a little romance. Other projects include Book IV of The Elmnas Chronicles, the exciting conclusion of my debut series, an Ecclesiastes-themed time travel short, and several other worlds and stories yet to be told.

Picture of Kaylena Radcliff, Elk Lake Author

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