Katie Vorreiter

Why I Started Writing:

When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Somewhere along the line, I came to believe that wasn’t possible for me—that I couldn’t possibly be successful at something so extraordinary. As an adult with young children, I had someone I respected—my therapist, actually—assign me something to write: a reflection on being age 11. When she read it, she said as an aside: “I don’t know why you are not making a living as a writer.” That floored me. It was so off topic, unsolicited, and genuine. And empowering. So I began writing, attending conferences, and joining writers’ groups. God inspired ideas, opened doors, and brought people into my life who mentored, encouraged, and inspired me.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

C.S. Lewis, Ted Dekker, Jim Rubart, Tosca Lee, Donald Miller, Mary Kubika, Dee Henderson, Brandilyn Collins, Terri Blackstock, Jodi Picoult, Frances Hodgson Burnett

Books I Have Written:

No Turning BackIndie published, available on Amazon

My debut novel is a romantic suspense: Partly due to a mix-up, partly to her crush on the young pastor leading the outreach, classically trained soprano Livvy Fischer joins a worship team bound for the chapel at San Quentin. When a riot breaks out, she is sheltered by a Christian inmate. She must rely upon God and find her own courage, yet, through all of the uncertainty and danger, the biggest surprise Livvy encounters is her feelings for her inmate rescuer.

What I'm Working On Now:

Fifty Days—Maggie runs into Jarrett Adams on the street three days after the nation watched him die. Either she’s gone mad—again—or Jarrett really is back. As the US loses its grip on democracy, government thugs eager to contain what Maggie knows hound her every step, while the good intentions of a man from her past only tighten the noose. But Maggie’s worst nightmare has an upside, and in the next fifty days she’ll find what she seeks in the most unexpected place.

Katie Vorreiter

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