Laura Loveberry

Why I Started Writing and Illustrating:

The only books I could find actually teaching analogous, monochromatic, and other color-wheel principles were boring snoozers. So, I started writing and illustrating colorful picture books featuring the paint splattering antics of my classroom puppets, so giggling readers will laugh and learn legit color theory at the same paint splattering time. The educator in me includes bonus pages of glossary terms, charts, and a reproducible color-theory test, but the storylines are rhyming page-turners that smiling kiddos enjoy reading over and over. Now, as a school-wide speaker, I am blessed to offer my books, Paint Splat Hero and Splatter Paint Hero, for audiences to laugh, learn, and love for years to come.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I enjoy the authors and illustrators of, The Day the Crayons Quit and Ain't Gonna Paint No More for the humor and color.  My book is influenced by these authors and illustrators, but I incorporate clear learning of color theory in my paint splattering storylines, as well as educational tests and charts, too.

Books I Have Written:

I authored a health and fitness book, Fit For A Queen, as a companion for my workout DVDs, Wholehearted Living Workout and Walk the Talk. Fit for a Queen is a quick read with inspiration and a plan to lose weight, gain energy, and feel great. Eating plan charts, simple grocery lists, recipes, and encouragement to reach your goals make this book a motivator to get healthy.

Splatter Paint Hero is my first children’s hardcover book. Readers love rhyming through this artsy adventure while laughing and learning color theory. No paper. No problem. The dripping puppet splatters himself completely in paint. Will the classroom pass the art test with flying colors?  (Ages 3 - 12)

Paint Splat Hero is the second book in my picture book children series. It hilariously teaches even more color theory in an unexpected paint-splattering manner as readers learn primary, secondary, analogous, monochromatic, complimentary, tint, shade, warm and cool colors while laughing at Huey the puppet’s painting shenanigans as the bewildered students are dripping in paint splats. (Ages 3 – 12)

What I'm Working On Now:

BERRIES is a “best-of” collection of Loveberry’s Life is the Berries inspirational articles from Simply Hers and Everything Men magazines. The subtitle is Fruitful Inspirations to Sweeten YOUR DayEach chapter is a fruitful indulgence for booklovers hungry for hope, a sweet treat for readers with limited time, and a perfect pick-me-up gift for anyone needing encouragement.  

As a caricaturist, I am just starting a book called, Cartoon You, with the subtitle, Step-by-Step Caricature DrawingWhen I draw caricatures, often people ask me how I learned to draw. Making this book available for eager-to-learn cartoonist would be a good fit at my drawing events.

I have an outline started for a book on HOPE to offer at my women speaking events.  We face mountains, sometimes insurmountable.  We do hard things. My goal is to write a book of practical encouragement to keep climbing … and never give up.

Paint Splat Hero

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