Jill Chapman

Why I Started Writing:

The need to connect with others drives me in all my endeavors. My writing evolves with each new project. My stash of notebooks from over the years on my shelf calls me to include them in my day’s writing each morning. In my life, I always wrote to fit the need of the moment. I wrote for church missionary day programs, homeschool newsletters, lesson plans for teaching, and told many stories to entertain friends and family.

 As a child, my imagination drove my playtime. I would create worlds and adventures for myself and my friends to act out. This imagination now serves me in my writing. Since I began school with the ability to read, books have been a constant companion in my life. The idea that words can carry you away to places you’ve never been creates my desire to write. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Many authors helped to shape my life. Each one holds a unique place in my heart. Although I never knew the author of Dick and Jane readers until I became an adult, William S. Gray taught me to read formally and influenced my entire life. To read is the greatest gift I’ve ever received apart from salvation.

As I grew, so many other authors shaped my life. Julie Campbell Tatham, the author of the first six books in the Trixie Belden series, taught me a girl’s life could have adventure. Anna Sewell taught me compassion for animals in Black Beauty.

In high school, Harper Lee taught me that our principles are all we sometimes have to carry us through harrowing experiences.   

After I married and had children, Erma Bombeck taught me it was okay to laugh when life was ridiculous and hard as a wife and mother.

And so many others continue to guide and entertain me!

Books I Have Written:

10 Common Mistakes a Newbie Homeschooler Makes is the first in a series of self-published books.

The Bomb Squad, to be published by Elk Lake Publishing.

What I'm Working On Now:

A few of my projects continue to be in various stages of development. Research fills a lot of my time these days as I push forward with the second in the Bomb Squad series. This series will remain close to my heart because the children I taught during my teaching career longed for friends like those depicted in the story.


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