Claire O'Sullivan

Why I Started Writing:

I started writing in the 8th grade in a reading class. Our teacher instructed us to write a creative story. When I was done, I had what we call today a flash fiction. After reading the students’ work, she picked one person to read it to the class, and that person was me. It was a medical love story which ended in the death of one of the doctors, the wife of another research doctor. That threw the girls into tears. I was hooked. Make ’em cry. 

My teacher encouraged me to write and I did. Later, after life happened, my mother and watched ‘Romancing the Stone,’ and she loved it. I picked up writing again and wrote another book (a trilogy) for her and a neighbor. As usual, life again happened. My sister in 2012 told me about NaNoWrimo and I wrote my first through fifth book there.  

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Besides the classics such as Crime and Punishment, and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, I also enjoy Christy Barrett’s works, Melissa Ferguson, Suad Campbell, Indy Quillen, Dale Amidei, Linda Knadle-Rodante, among many others.   

Books I Have Written:

In nonfiction, I’ve written and self-published a cookbook which I removed from the shelves of Amazon as I revamp it.  

What I'm Working On Now:

I am currently working on a military thriller titled Rules of Engagement.

romance under wraps

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