Donna Wyland

Why I Started Writing:

My first children’s book, Your Home in Heaven, was truly from God at a time when I was working at a financial planning firm. I had always loved to write, but when the first draft of that book was placed in my mind, I knew I had been given a new calling. I’ve been happily writing ever since.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Numerous authors have influenced my writing, but as a child, I loved rhyming books best. It’s hard to forget the many books written by Dr. Seuss and others who played with words, and even made-up words that still make children laugh today. As a Christian author, I write to bring glory to God, but I also write to inspire and encourage children’s imaginations.

Books I Have Written:

To date, I have written two children’s books, Your Home in Heaven and If I Could Ask Jesus; both published by Elk Lake Publishing. I’m also the author of a gift book titled Surrender and a novel called Autumn’s Harmony. NEW BOOK ALERT! This fall, Elk Lake Publishing will be releasing my first Christmas book, ‘Twas the Night Before Jesus!

What I'm Working On Now:

Right now, I’m working on another children’s title, Pockets Full of Shells, and Book #2 of the Autumn’s Harmony series. I also launched a new podcast and recently completed a workbook for beginning writers called You Can Write A Book. It is offered on my website as well. As my About Page says, “I just love to write!”

If I Could Ask Jesus

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