Marsha Hubler

Why I Started Writing:

Although encouraged by a third-grade teacher, an eighth-grade English teacher, and a Children’s Literature college professor, I didn’t start writing for publication until I was in my 50s when I felt the Lord prompting me to share the testimony of one of our foster daughters’ coming to know Jesus as her Savior and turning her life around. That first article called “Bus Kid” led to many more articles and short stories in magazines, which eventually led me to write my first of twenty books, Draw Me Closer Lord: A Woman’s Guide to a Meaningful Prayer Life, released by Regular Baptist Press in 2003. I look at my writing career as a calling and a ministry to reach others, mostly children, for Christ.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Of course, Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, has had the most impact on my life as I’ve read the Bible through many times and have had my life changed because of His Holy Word. Other authors who have influenced me have been Marguerite Henry, Lee Strobel, Nancy Rue, Richard Paul Evans, Philip Yancey, and many authors of daily devotions for us gals.

Books I Have Written:

Following Draw Me Closer, Lord: A Woman’s Guide to a Meaningful Prayer Life by Regular Baptist Press, Zonderkidz published my best-selling “Keystone Stables Series,” eight books about a foster girl’s adventures with her horse, Champ. Other published juvenile fiction titles include Snow, Phantom Stallion of the Poconos, Rickie Rides to the Rescue, and The Secret of Wolf Canyon. “The Loves of Snyder County Series” is a three-book Amish/Mennonite fiction for ladies, and The Sky Painters of Stonesthroe is a fictional picture book I wrote and illustrated for early readers, which explains how a peacock got his colored feathers and how a woodpecker got the red tuft on his head. My latest release is a devotional for tweens, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: A 60-Day Devotional for Kids. Thanks to Elk Lake Publishing, my latest tween fiction, Tommi Pockets, will soon be added to the list.

What I'm Working On Now:

I’m planning to write and illustrate three more picture books that will make a four-book series with fictional stories explaining why animals react or look like they do today:

  1. Dawg and the Little Worm—explains why worms live underground and why dogs have cold noses and are always sniffing the ground
  2. Christopher C. Skunk and the Olive Disaster—explains how a skunk got his bad smell
  3. Chester Roderick’s Great Adventure—explains how a cat got his nine lives
Hubler, Marsha

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