Susan Grant

Why I Started Writing:

I have always been sensitive to words. While in church and Bible college, I loved hearing and learning about what the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words of the Scriptures meant in relationship to the English translations. I understand the power of words and delight in painting pictures, thoughts and ideas with them, I love giving my readers the opportunity to share these things with me.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

The author who has influenced me the most in my writing is Jan Karon. Her Mitford series has not only entertained me, but she has also illustrated over and over that simple is often better.


Jane Kirkpatrick’s novels taught me that everyone has a story to tell, and if you look closely, people throughout history have struggled with many of the same things we do. We can learn from their strengths and weaknesses; their successes and failures.

Books I Have Written:

In 2019, I independently published my first book, 100 Minutes with God. This is a compilation of one hundred daily devotions that provide readers a brief thought, along with a Scripture reference, to start the day off reflecting about God’s words. It was a number one new release on Amazon in its category and has provided many readers daily encouragement.


I have several children’s books I have written, including a series that begins with Boone’s Remarkable Basket. These are stories about a lonely little dachshund, Boone, whose human mother gave him a new basket to sleep in. When he does, the remarkable basket transports him back into Bible times. In the three-book series, Boone witnesses a blind man being healed by Jesus, he marches around Jericho with Joshua and treads water near baby Moses. At the end of each book, he gets back into his basket, falls asleep and returns to his house. I hope to have these traditionally published in the future.

What I'm Working On Now:

Besides my daily blog posts, I am currently working on a prequel for my novel, The Bottle House. I am in the prewriting stage and hope to begin this book soon. Because the first one has been successful, I am also working on Another 100 Minutes with God.


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