Molly S. White

Why I Started Writing:

I come from a family of great storytellers. I have a gift for storytelling and public speaking.

Seventeen years ago, God called me into pro-life activism using my testimony and the verbal gifts he gave me. Many life experiences later, I felt God wooing me to write about those experiences, and what I’ve learned through the years as a pro-life leader.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I never knew I had the gift of writing until I took an upper-level Spanish writing class in college. During this course, I had to write stories. The stories came easily, they were real stories. I always achieved good grades on my papers for the content, not so good on the grammar.

On the last day of school, my professor, who was also my pastor, saw me, and literally ran after me waiving a paper in his hand as he called my name. He handed me my final paper. I was taken back when I saw an ear to ear grin on his usually reserved-looking face. “You have a gift for writing, Molly.” He handed me my paper. I was thrilled to see a big red A written on it. Those words of praise and encouragement settled into my heart until the day God called me to write again.

Books I Have Written:

I don’t have a finished book project yet. One of my children’s rhymes has been published—Clubhouse Jr. Magazine—“The Eyes Have It,” January 2014. My testimony about my abortions has been published in many books: Their Gift of Life: Life After an Abortion, Testimonies from Around the World, by Sheryl van der Ende ED, and “Echoes of Mercy” (c) Classeminars, Inc. 2013. I’ve written several essays and submitted them to various writer’s contests.

What I'm Working On Now:

I’m working on my first book project. The working title is Deceived, Revealing the Truth, Dealing with Bondage, Healing the Wounds, and Freeing the Captives of Abortion. This book will contain my personal testimony, bits and pieces of dozens of other women and men’s abortion stories, plus lots of research, Biblical insights, ministry to the hurting, and education and motivation for readers to get involved in ending abortion in America.

Molly S White

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