Jeremiah Peters

Why I Started Writing:

I’ve always enjoyed writing stories. I remember, as a child, entertaining the other kids with scary tales at Halloween time. And guess what? I got paid for my work way back in elementary school! How? My sister who was in middle school had to come up with a story for her English class. I volunteered to take on the assignment. I don’t remember much about the three-page adventure, except it was like one of the Fractured Fairy tales on the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show. The punch line was, “East is East and West is West. Never the Twain shall meet.” I was saddened when she only received a B+. It deserved an A. My payment? I think I earned a quarter for that story. Probably spent it on a couple Superman comic books.

Why did I start writing? My brain is crammed with stories. I can’t help it. If I didn’t write, my head might explode.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

In high school, Ray Bradbury sparked my imagination. His stories sent me into far off and foreign worlds. Some of the themes and images disturbed me, causing me to think in ways I hadn’t before.

My all time favorite author is Agatha Christie. She is the master of mystery and misdirection. Upon reading one of her books, I feel like I know who the murderer is, but find out in the end I was way off base. Other times I have no idea who done it. But then in the end, when the murderer is revealed, I have to say, “Of course!” Agatha Christie has a masterful way of directing you down the wrong road.

Books I Have Written:

A Message to Deliver was my first work of fiction. This book deals with abortion and God’s forgiveness. A woman is sent back from Heaven to deliver a special message. With no memory of her former life on Earth, she is immersed in a world foreign to her. And though she knows God’s message of love and forgiveness, she’s not sure who the recipient is supposed to be. Will she complete her mission or will the dark truth of her own past become a stumbling block that leads her to abandon all hope?

The List—A Jack and Jill Mystery is a cozy mystery. In this first installment of the Jack and Jill Mystery series, we meet our two protagonists—Jackson Hill and Jill Thomas. The story is set in a small college in Springsbury, New Hampshire. Jack, having just served in the Marines, thought life at college was going to be a breeze. But then he met two girls who changed all that—one was the girl of his dreams. The other was a dead body. Follow Jack as he is dragged further into the murder investigation when Jill, a new acquaintance of his, is determined to discover who the murderer is.

Family Matters—A Jack and Jill Mystery is the second in the series. A notorious crime boss mistakes Jackson Hill for a Catholic priest. This lands Jack in hot water when a few days later, the mobster is found dead floating in his restaurant’s aquarium. Jack becomes a suspect in the investigation because he was the last person to see him alive.

Jill Thomas, amateur sleuth and Jack’s girlfriend, agrees to stay clear of the investigation … that is until an attempt on Jack’s life sends her into full blown detective mode.

With Jack unwillingly playing the role of Watson to Jill’s Sherlock, the two are off chasing down clues while dealing with arrogant government agents and members of the crime boss’s family and their seedy associates. Jill is determined to figure out who tried to kill Jack, who killed the crime boss, and if the two are connected.

What I'm Working On Now:

I’m currently working on two projects:

  1. The third in the Jack and Jill series (not titled yet). Jill’s uncle Lenny has passed away. Or so everyone thinks. When Jill, Jack, and Jill’s father attend the funeral, the truth comes out when Uncle Lenny rises from the casket! He’s alive. The question is for how long? Attenders of the funeral are trapped by a raging blizzard and must stay at a local Inn. Uncle Lenny believes one of the people at his funeral is out to kill him. When he mysteriously disappears in the middle of the night, Jill starts to wonder if he was correct. Was he murdered or is he simply playing a game like he did when he planned his own funeral, and is hiding somewhere in the dilapidated inn? More importantly, if he was murdered, which of the guests killed him?
  2. The Adventures of Amelia Black—The Mole. A Young Adult novel. Amelia Black, a fourteen-year-old girl, wakes up one morning to discover she’s not in her own bedroom. Somehow, during the night, she’s been moved to a house on an island off the coast of Maine. She’s informed by a man claiming to be her uncle, her father’s brother, that her father has been killed in an accident and she must live with him now. The odd thing is, she never knew she had an uncle! Upon investigating, Amelia discovers the island is filled with secrets. All is not what it seems. On top of that, her father’s death was no accident. Now she must determine the secrets the island holds and who killed her father.

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