Susan Mix

Why I Started Writing:

Grace. There is no other explanation. Forty years ago, a writing instructor waved a California Writers Club writing contest entry form in my face. “Enter,” she said.

I turned the radio on. Bob Dylan had a lot of questions. The answers were “blowing in the wind?” I knew better. I wrote “Rock and Roll Reflections.” I won the contest. And many more. I heard the call and kept writing.

Why do I keep writing? The writers who attended the Cascade Christian Writers Conference in 2022. I called my husband the last night of the conference. I was not going to write a novel. I didn’t have a platform or a deep point of view. One of the attendees got in my face. “Writing will suck the life right out of you.” I pictured a vacuum hose attached to my brain. I didn’t have any spare gray matter.

I went home and wrote White Stone. Why? The other voice said, “Just don’t quit.” I’m writing another book about that.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

John Grisham, Francine Rivers, Tricia Goyer, Karen Barnett, Christina Suzann Nelson, and Jesus, the author of life, faith, and salvation.

Books I Have Written:

White Stone

What I'm Working On Now:

Book Two in the Rx: Romance Series—Victims of Privilege.

Book One in the Pray. Listen. Yes. Series—Embracing the Naked Page—The Power of Passion Stance.

Susan Mix

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