Michele Chynoweth

Why I Started Writing:

I think I was born loving to write ... I remember I wrote my first "novel" in a spiral-bound notebook when I was ten years old about a girl and her dog. But my dream of being a novelist was put on hold as "life" and its myriad responsibilities took hold, including careers as a news reporter, advertising agency owner, and marketing director to help put food on the table. Fortunately, the dream God placed on my heart resurfaced and He called me to write a modern-day novel based on the Bible's Book of Job, which became The Faithful One, the first of my contemporary suspense novels based on Old Testament stories in the Bible.

Looking back, I see He had a plan ... I was a lot like my Job character: I was losing my marriage, my business, my kids (who were becoming teenagers and, it seemed, no longer needed their mom) and finally, my health through a debilitating disease. Like my Job character, Seth Jacobs, I held onto that last shred of faith and through the grace of God got my health, family, and life back in a richer, fuller way. I was healed through my writing—and knew I could help give others hope too—and now enjoy being a full-time novelist, editor, speaker, and book coach helping other writers become authors.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

William Paul Young, Jerry Jenkins, Dan Brown, John Grisham, Sandra Brown, and Kristin Hannah along with Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens to name a few!  Most of all, I love a good suspense with a little romance but is action-packed and a good story that not only entertains but transforms through its message. So that’s what I write as well.

Books I Have Written:

After my first novel, The Faithful One, based on Job, I went onto write several more “Modern Day Bible Stories” including The Peace Maker based on the story of David and Abigail, The Runaway Prophet, a contemporary thriller that reimagines the Book of Jonah, The Jealous Son, a murder mystery based on Cain and Abel, and The Wise Man, an epic contemporary suspense that reimagines the story of Solomon. Because the stories in the Bible were written so long ago, they are often difficult to comprehend. My hope is you’ll see these stories in a whole new way through modern-day characters, settings, issues, and plots, and understand God’s messages in them for us today.

What I'm Working On Now:

Getting my novels made into TV or movies! A memoir. And my next contemporary suspense will be a modern science fiction novel based on Noah. Stay tuned!

the Wise Man

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