Teresa Krager


Why I Started Writing:

As a kindergarten and first grade teacher for most of twenty-seven years, I regularly found myself writing songs, chants, and books to enhance lessons and make learning memorable and fun. Soon after retirement, I felt inspired and awakened, sometimes in the middle of the night, to write rhyming Christian children’s books.

I now celebrate blending my education in education with my passion for biblical studies to author books that point children to Jesus and retell Bible stories. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I like to say, “Dr. Seuss lives in my head, but Jesus lives in my heart.” I love to spend time in God’s Word, being inspired by both the Old and New Testaments and seeking life changing application from all Scripture. 

Other life influencers include Andrew Murray in The Ministry of Intercession, Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Life, and many daily devotional books by Sarah Young and Joyce Meyer.

Books I Have Written:

Before Your Birth Day (2020) is a lyrical celebration of life, a rhyming picture book that traces the development of pre-born babies in the womb.

Adam Plus One (2021) is a rhyming romp in the Garden of Eden that depicts Adam’s humorous search for a compatible companion, revealing God’s perfect plan—woman and man. Both books were published by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.

The Greatest Book Ever! (A Little Book about the Greatest Book) is scheduled for release September 2023. This fast-paced, rhyming picture book spotlights incredible Bible characters, dramatic events, and amazing miracles all to spike kids’ curiosity and motivate them to check out God’s Word.

What I'm Working On Now:

My other projects include a board book that warmly introduces one-to-four-year-olds to the wonders of God's creation. The simple rhyming text can be sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle."

I have also completed Bible-based, rhyming retellings of the stories of both Esther and Nehemiah as picture books for children.

And, who knows? There may be a couple more books for kiddos that deal with the fear of having a substitute at school and the experience of an annoying smoke alarm at home!

For adults, my weekly devotional/word of encouragement can be found at http://PointingTheWay.live.

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