Andy DeWitt

Why I Started Writing:

While working as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, I was inspired by a missionary I met on a mission trip. When I got home, I thought, “Someone needs to write his story.” So, I took a pen to paper and wrote his biography. This book has helped raise over a million dollars for Mountain Top Ministries, Haiti. That year, on Christmas Eve, my six-year-old son saw the book and said, “Dad why don’t you write a book about me?”

“Of course, I will.”

That night I scratched out, “The Alex Monster” and put it under the tree. We read it every night before bed for six months. The next Christmas, I wrote a novel with my kids as the main characters and their activities woven into the plot. A tradition was born. As my kids have grown, my annual novels have gotten longer and more complex.

After our family visited Israel I wrote The Gates of Hell and incorporated the places we saw and lessons learned into the plot.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

  • James Rubart
    1. I met Jim at a writer’s conference and hired him to be my personal writing coach.
    2. He has been a mentor and friend in my writing journey.
  • Erin Healy
    1. As an author, writing coach, and editor, Erin’s sweet spot is story coaching for Christian fiction.
    2. I lost track of the lessons I learned from countless one-on-one meetings with Erin.
  • Rick Joyner
    1. The Final Quest book inspired me to become a writer.
    2. His other books illuminate the battle between light and darkness.
  • Frank Peretti
    1. I read This Present Darkness when it first came out and have recommended it hundreds of times.
    2. Peretti opened my eyes to the possibilities in Christian Adventure Fiction.
  • David Platt
    1. I love everything he has written.
    2. Platt boils down the most complex subjects to bite sized pieces for regular people.

Books I Have Written:

Give Your Best: How Willem Charles Transformed His Haitian Village From Poverty in Voodoo to Prosperity in Christianity

2010, 201 pages.

Radical Giving: How Remarkable Generosity Can Set You Free

2020, 193 pages.

From Victim to Victory: This is My Story

Ramie Stenzel and Andy DeWitt

2018, 197 pages.           

The Covid Puppy

2020, 197 pages.

What I'm Working On Now:

  • Every Christmas, I give my kids a book where they are the main characters. I’m constantly working on my next one.
  • I’m helping several people with their personal memoirs, business books, and Christian inspiration books.
  • Putting the finishing touches on my novel The Gates of Hell.
Andy DeWitt

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