Annette O'Hare

Why I Started Writing:

My love for story began as a child when I funneled my creativity into making up stories to act out with my brothers and friends in the magical wooded acre across the street, we dubbed Devil’s Island. In high school, I wrote a full-length play, complete with show tunes. The play was corny, but I received an ‘A’ in creative writing class.

While attending college to earn a paralegal certificate, I found myself straying from my course load and taking more and more writing and literature courses. That’s when I knew I had to be a writer. My dream of being a published author became a reality in 2016 with the publication of my first novel.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

To this day I have been a fan of young adult/middle grade literature. Seeing the world through the mind and eyes of youth offers a much different story view than what an adult would see, and it intrigues me. Authors such as Judy Blume, Karen Hesse, and Gertrude Chandler Warner have been a big influence in my writing and my life.

Larry McMurtry is another author who has influenced my writing. Having grown up in Houston myself, his Houston novel series, including Terms of Endearment, and The Evening Star struck me on a personal level and encouraged me to write and preserve the memories and history of my home state of Texas.

Books I Have Written:

The Bolivar Point Lighthouse Book Series

Northern Light – (2016) 1864 Civil War has robbed Margaret Logan of all she holds dear, including her fiancé’s life. When her family moves to the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas to maintain a lighthouse that is no longer there, she loses all hope for a future. Her world is rocked once again when a wounded Union sailor, Thomas Murphy comes into her life. Despite her hatred toward the North, Margaret falls in love with Thomas. As new love blooms, Margaret’s sister is overcome with neurosis. Bitterness, and psychosis yield a decision fueled by contempt. Will one fatal choice cause Margaret to lose the man she loves and condemn him to death?

Redeeming Light – (2018) 1900 Sarah McKinney takes over the family cattle ranch on the Texas Gulf Coast after her father’s death. To make a fresh start, Sarah takes off on a harrowing cattle drive to sell off the herd. Amid the turmoil, Sarah finds herself distracted by her uncle’s young law apprentice, Frederick Chessher. In order to court Sarah, Frederick must end a relationship with a girl from Beaumont, Texas. He leaves, not knowing a monstrous storm is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. Frederick rushes back, but can he make it to the Bolivar Point Lighthouse where Sarah has taken refuge, or will the Great Storm of 1900 claim him like thousands of others?

Child of Light – (2018) 1870 After five years of marriage, Margaret’s prayers for a child have been unanswered. Will God bless her this Christmas or does He have another plan? When she and husband, Thomas travel to Boston to help his ailing father, Margaret happens upon a desperate young woman, sick and lying in the street, heavy with child. Unable to simply ignore the woman, Margaret decides to take her in. Ignoring those who condemn her for her choice to help a woman of ill repute, Margaret does what she knows is right. But sometimes, doing the right thing can have life-altering consequences.

Novella Collection

The Lady and the Lawman-Love Conquers Oil – (2019) 1901 Fern Fisher recognized one of the bank robbers who murdered a teller. A mail order bride inquiry takes her to Beaumont, Texas, home of the Spindletop oilwell gusher. Upon arriving, Fern learns that handsome, Jesse Stewart didn’t write the inquiry—Memaw Stewart did. Jesse honors Memaw’s word and reluctantly marries Fern. While they drill an oil well together, the murderers arrive looking for Fern. Will Jesse be able to save her?

What I'm Working On Now:

I am currently working on my very first middle-grade mystery series titled, Max Tales Mysteries. The main character, Jeannie McKay vows to catch whoever tried drowning two purebred puppies in Johnson Creek. She uncovers an illegal puppy mill operating on the river. Despite the warnings, she continues her investigation. But she must decide—is it worth risking her life over?

This series is based on my personal experience of adopting a purebred Weimaraner puppy from our local animal shelter and asking myself, why would anyone dump such a beautiful animal? You can find out the answer to that question in book one of the Max Tales Mysteries series, Puppy Ciao!, published by Elk Lake and available now.

Puppy Ciao

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