Antwan Houser

Why I Started Writing:

There has always been a call on my life from the Lord to write which has been visible throughout many facets of my life. From a young age, I have had an enjoyable passion for writing. The calmness and stillness of hearing what is on the inside of you, to having it seen on the outside in the form of words, is captivating. For me, writing is an art with words, an expression of one’s self derived from biological culturalisms, environmental behaviorisms, socialisms, or spiritual belief. Starting out writing short stories and poems allowed me to tap into the imagination of writing, intertwining things together that may not be the norm as well putting rhymes and cadence to the words. After leaving the military and entering the corporate or civilian world, I started a résumé writing company and put emphasis on writing to writing to help others. This afforded me with the challenge to do more focused and creative writing taking an area of a person’s life summarizing it in such a manner where it does not lose the validity of the person, information, or the importance of their work. Since accepting the call into ministry and writing sermonically, the attention has been to concentrate more on inspirational and theme-based writings appealing to one’s emotions, beliefs and opinions through spiritual truths. Whether poems, short stories, novels, resumes, sermons or any other forms of writings, I find it fascinating how one can take words put them together and make something beautiful come alive on paper. How those same words can capture the attention of a person or audience and foster emotions that move crowds, motivates change or simply influence the mindset into a different thought pattern.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

The authors that has influenced me the most are Samuel D. Proctor, The Certain Sound of the Trumpet; How Shall They Hear?; We Have This Ministry –Co-Authored with Gardner C. Taylor;  Tony Evans, The Power of Preaching and Gene A. Getz, The Measure of a Man. Other authors that have been a great influence are D Stuart Briscoe; Warren Wiersbe and Charles Stanley.

Books I Have Written:

Fairy Tale Faith a devotional intended to explore the imaginations of young readers by recounting famous fairytale stories of morality, enchantment, quest, and the coveted "Happily Ever After" through learning and living out biblical principles—the first book of many books to be completed.

What I'm Working On Now:

Currently, I am working on the final touches of Fairy Tale Faith and have started two young adult books focusing on the building of character and a mindset that will take young men and young ladies from the beginning to the end, ultimately leading them to a place of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-determination.


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