Becky Carpenter

Why I Started Writing:

God started a spiritual awakening within me in 2011 when my youngest daughter, Skylar, ran into Heaven at the age of 15. As I began to learn and grow on a deeper spiritual level, I started to journal. I needed to log the experiences God was revealing. Specific encounters of His presence on an intimate level. I never aspired to write. In fact, I began to write out of obedience, not enjoyment. I realized writing was a therapeutic outlet. As I would recall the times Jesus shows up, my heart would once again be filled with the hope and reassurance needed to persevere. Through the nudging of the Holy Spirit, I realized His teachings needed to be shared with others.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

In full transparency, I didn’t grow up with a love for reading. In fact, I was the student who became friends with Mr. Cliff’s Notes. My love for reading started when my life script got flipped. I enjoy the wisdom and teachings shared from nonfiction books that challenge me. Specific authors who have influenced me are Elisabeth Elliott, C.S. Lewis, A. W. Tozer, and Ken Gire.

Books I Have Written:

The One Day Closer… will be the first book I’ve written. I am a contributor in the anthology book, The Write Calling: Encouragement for the Writer’s Heart. I am also a contributor in the anthology book, Anchor in the Storm.

What I'm Working On Now:

I am writing the book, One Day Closer … Finding Hope Thru the Hard. This book is a forward-focused inspirational journey of discovery and spiritual growth, triggered by the tragedy of child loss. One Day Closer … is a hope-filled declaration of living, loving, and falling … forward. It reminds our pain, with Jesus, we can live a purpose-filled life beyond our brokenness. The book is filled with biblical truths and teachings. It shares inspirational stories and transparent life encounters, where Jesus showed up.

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