Erica Marie Hogan

Why I Started Writing:

When I was little, I always had a big imagination. Like most children, I loved make believe, but I always found myself separate from my friends in my desire to put what I was creating in my head on paper. When I was ten, I started writing little things that popped into my head—typical stories for a child, like pirates and fairy tales. Over the years, my stories and imagination developed. Writing for me was natural, because it was something I had always loved to do. God put on my heart to write stories based around events that have happened in our history, but also about tragedies that we face in everyday life. I hope to share all of them one day.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

The incredible Julie Lessman has had a great influence on my writing pursuits. I am also a huge fan of Julie Klassen, Ronie Kendig, Francine Rivers, and, of course, Miss Jane Austen. Each have inspired me in their own unique ways and reading their amazing stories urged me forward on my writing journey.

Books I Have Written:

I have written a historical fiction novel based during World War One called: The Lost Generation.

What I'm Working On Now:

I am working on a great deal right now! Currently, I am writing a contemporary trilogy, something I rarely tackle, considering my go-to is historical fiction, but I always like to think of myself as having no limits where genre is concerned.

Erica Marie Hogan

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