Erin Stevenson Quint

Why I Started Writing

I have an academic background and prior to 2014, had only written in that setting. I was working a contract job with about five months left, but the work had run out. I was literally paid to sit there, so I asked if I could bring my personal laptop to work and was given the green light. I had a story rolling around in my mind about a handsome intelligence operative and a senator’s daughter and started writing about them.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I suppose Karen Kingsbury was the first. I always enjoyed the way her chapters ended on a cliffhanger. Denise Hunter is another favorite, as is Rachel Hauck.

Books I Have Written:

My first indie published books were the St. Clair Family series: Plan B, Home to You, and Bait and Switch. Next came the Canadian Meadows series about a fictional small town in Montana: Sisters Ever After, In From the Storm, and A Time to Heal. I have three Christmas books: A New Hope for Christmas, which was a Carol Award finalist for 2020. Eight Cats of Christmas and A Dream of Christmas are set in Boston and feature the Donovan family. I have written two standalone books, Meet Me on the Porch and Undercover Dog Dad.

What I'm Working On Now:

Most of us have a TBR pile (to be read); I have a TBW pile—to be written! I retained the rights to the Canadian Meadows series and am currently revising those three books to be rereleased by ELPI. Book 4 is about a third finished and Book 5 is in my head. That idea about the intelligence operative and the senator’s daughter turned into a four-book series; one has a completed first draft and the others are in various stages of completion (or incompletion, to be honest). There is also a fifth standalone companion book that’s about half finished, but the rest is in my head. I have lots of other ideas rolling around in my head (set in various locales that I have visited on my travels). It’s a wonder I can hold it up!

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