Faith Colleen Weaver

Why I Started Writing:

I began my writing journey quite young. My mother and sister loved to write, and I grew up wanting to be just like them. Soon, the hobby became a passion when I fell in love with reading. I dreamed of inspiring and entertaining people like my favorite authors did. Beyond that, I specifically started writing create-your-own-adventures because I loved the original choose-your-own-adventure books and longed for more of these interactive stories as I grew older. When I found none for the YA market, I figured, why not write them? 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

My favorite authors are William Goldman and Robin Jones Gunn. But when it comes to the authors that inspired my writing, I would say: Rick Riordan, Stephanie Garber, Marissa Meyer, and Jules Verne. 

Books I Have Written:

Once Upon a Book, a YA, fantasy, create-your-own-adventure novel 

Synopsis: Calessa knows reading is banned. Now that she knows she can, however, how can she stop? The Answers, the notorious leaders of Ashkelan, are in pursuit, and Calessa has no choice but to befriend a fugitive. You, the reader, must decide how Calessa and Axen will travel realms in search of the final answer. As they collect quotes from classic novels, the answer will reveal itself, freeing the city of Ashkelan and changing the future of readers forever. 

What I'm Working On Now:

Once Upon A Princess and Once Upon a Time Traveler 

Faith Weaver

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