Karna Bodman

Why I Started Writing:

After serving six years in The Reagan White House, first as Deputy Press Secretary, later as Senior Director of the National Security Council, I was inspired to first write a series of political thrillers focusing on national security threats to our country. Those experiences also inspired me to write a children’s picture book. My first story, Wrigley in The White House, is about young twins living in the White House who get a puppy for their birthday. When read to children, they are not only entertained by the antics of the dog, but also learn that there IS a home for our First Families complete with an Oval Office, State Dining Room with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and so much more.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

When writing adult novels, I was influenced by many books by Nelson DeMille. As for children’s books, I researched many charming stories, especially those illustrated by my illustrator, Susan Spellman. 

Books I Have Written:

I have five published adult novels that have won awards and hit “#1 in Thrillers” on Amazon. They include: Checkmate, Gambit, Final Finesse, Castle Bravo, which have been revised and re-released and the newest one, Trust but Verify. They are available in print, e-book, and audio versions. Details on: www.karnabodman.com  

What I'm Working On Now:

While Wrigley in The White House is in production, I am working on a follow-up series including: Wrigley’s White House Christmas, Wrigley’s White House Easter, Wrigley’s White House Thanksgiving, and several more.

Karna Bodman

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