Kimberly Rae

Why I Started Writing:

I honestly don’t remember. I’ve been writing stories since I was a little girl, even then often stories of rescue. When I was ten, my parents bought me a little typewriter and I used to pluck out my version of Nancy Drew stories and tape them together. I wrote my first “novel” when I was fifteen. It was horribly cheesy, but you have to start somewhere!

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Unquestionably Francine Rivers. Over twenty years ago, living overseas, I had a friend who had been through something terrible who told me of Francine’s book Redeeming Love, “This book changed the way I see God.” I remember thinking, That is the kind of book I want to write. Not just stories to entertain, but work that changes lives and hearts.

Another author I highly value is Joni Eareckson Tada. Not only an excellent writer, her ability to weave personal transparency with deep spiritual truth is inspiring to me personally as well as in my writing. Another was Barbara Johnson and her ability to inspire laughter even while writing about pain and loss.

Books I Have Written:

I think the number is up to thirty-four now. I know a good author is supposed to find their genre and stay in it, but I’m interested in so many things, I keep wandering in extra directions!

My fiction titles on fighting human trafficking are:

Stolen Woman, Stolen Child, Stolen Future, Shredded, Shattered, Restored, Shadow, Capturing Jasmina, Finding Samir, Seeking Mother

Non-Fiction Series on Living Joyfully Despite Chronic Illness:

Sick & Tired, You’re Sick, They’re Not, Why Doesn’t God Fix It?, Laughter for the Sick & Tired

Other Non-Fiction:

Overcomer—for any victim of abuse, Captive No More—human trafficking survivors

For Teens:

The Digitals, Project Four, Abnormal Results

For Kids:

Jacob and the Earthquake Thief, I Am Safe—Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse, I Am Safe Teacher/Advocate Lesson Plan, I Am Beautiful, I Am Strong, I Am Resilient, When I’m With Jesus—for any child with a loved one in Heaven, Chosen—for Christian families who adopt

What I'm Working On Now:

A series of sweet, southern, small-town stories with plenty of fun, quirky characters and of course some romance as well, set in my former home of Hudson, North Carolina.

Help for the Sick & Tired—the final book in the series, with advice, encouragement and laughter to help those with chronic illness.

The Outside—the final in a dystopian-style series for Christian teens.

Coming Home to Hudson

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