Linda Wood Rondeau

Why I Started Writing:

Like most authors, I’ve always enjoyed writing. In my long career with human services, I used my writing skills in crafting social histories, presenting educational formats for other staff, and public relations. In my early fifties, I felt the pull to move toward writing as a ministry. Yet, bills needed to be paid, and seemingly, I used all my brain power at work. How could I balance a creative writing life with my emotionally draining day job? One day I walked into work and felt as if I was outside myself looking at me within my current situation. God said, “It’s time.” I resigned and my writing career took hold. I don’t recommend new authors quit their day job without ardent prayer. However, in my case, God had to pull me away from that which hindered a concentrated and consecrated ministry. It’s been an exciting journey and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Although my primary writing in recent years has been fiction, the book that most influenced my walk with the Lord was How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious by Fritz Ridenour, a study on the Book of Romans. His insights helped me realize God’s unconditional love. Perhaps that is the basis for my theme as a writer: God takes our worst past and creates our best future. Of course, I enjoy C.S. Lewis’ fiction, however, Mere Christianity also had a major impact on my spiritual growth. As for fiction writers, Frank Perretti’s This Present Darkness, opened doors for the modern Christian novel.

Books I Have Written:

I have ten books published with Elk Lake Publishing and several more on the horizon. Fiddlers Fling is a story of a young woman who abandons her God-given talents at the request of her fiancé, a political star who disapproves of her country ways. Miracle on Maple Street, together with Snow on Bald Mountain, chronicles the McDougall family and their secrets. The Fifteenth Article, presents a possible future with political intrigue. A Christmas Prayer, a romance, also features an autistic child ... three distinct Christmas prayers. How will God answer? It Really IS a Wonderful Life features a widow, attempting to reinvent her life in a small town who joins a Community Theater in production for the play, It’s a Wonderful Life. Hosea’s Heart tells the story of a minister, like the prophet of old, who searches diligently for his drug-addicted, runaway wife. When he finds her, he can forgive her addiction. Can her forgive her unfaithfulness? Second Helpings is a story of dysfunctional marriage on the verge of divorce and saved through God’s intervention. My nonfiction books include, Who Put the Vinegar in the Salt and I Prayed for Patience. Coming soon: The Ghosts of Trumball Mansion, a paranormal; G.L.I.C.K., three Earth children befriend a stranded cosmic librarian; and Wolf Mountain Legacy, a suspense/mystery.

What I'm Working On Now:

In addition to the aforementioned soon-to-be-released fiction manuscripts, I am working on several new stories as well as a series of devotional books based on my long-standing column in my hometown newspaper. In my fiction batter’s box are a suspense, Shadows on Silver Lake, set near Alexandria Bay, New York; The Last Member Standing, a contemporary story based on a group of coeds who have pledged perpetual spinsterhood only to drop out of the “club” one by one; and In One Accord, a prequel to The Fifteenth Article, the story of Jacques Fontaine, who reunifies Earth after  a second dark age. Also in development: Babel’s Children, a dissident from an underground world emerges to the outer world during Christ’s passion week; and Julia’s Web, a relocated high school senior joins a cheerleading squad only to discover a drug ring operated by the squad’s captain.

Linda Rondeau

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