Dr. Marolyn Ford

Why I Started Writing:

When God gave sight to my blind eyes, the only miracles people in my denomination talked about where those in the Bible. Therefore, everyone wanted to hear about this miracle. And every pastor in the State of Louisiana asked if I would please come share my testimony.  Everywhere I went people asked me to write my story so they could take it home with them to share with others. “I can’t do that,” I told them. “I’m not a writer.”  But eventually the Lord used their prompting to set me to action. “These Blind Eyes Now See” came into existence, along with Marolyn Ford Ministries.   

After that, it wasn’t long before I was invited to join my ministry with four Crusade teams, and I found myself speaking before the thousands of people on a regular basis. The message of my book had struck a chord.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

After receiving my sight, I began reading every book about prayer I could get my hands on.  I read all Charles Spurgeon’s books and twenty-five of Andrew Murray’s books, including such notables as Christ in the School of Prayer and Full Life in Christ. Andrew Murray and Charles Spurgeon both had a major impact on my life tremendously. So did Dr. David Young-Gi Cho with 4th Dimension Living.

When Rev. Jerry Sevelle who was a guest Evangelist preaching in meetings held in Little Rock, I received a call asking if I would come share my miracle story. Before leaving his meeting, he gave me a copy of all his many books.  He wrote about faith in ways I had never read before, boosting my prayer life even further.

Some of my recent favorites are:

The God I Never Knew by Pastor Robert Morris

Destiny by T.D. Jakes

Why Isn’t My Giving Working? by Jesse Duplantis,

Praying from the Heavenly Realm by Kevin Zodai

God’s Secrets by Shawn Belz

The New You and the Holy Spirit by Andrew Wommack

A book is a powerful force when it so greatly impacts one’s life as these books did for me.

Books I Have Written:

These Blind Eyes Now See--As mentioned, this book came into existence due to public demand.

Walking and Talking With Jesus--As a conference teacher, I needed more to give to my audiences.  My teaching ministry was centered on prayer, faith, hope, trust, and hearing God speak to us.  Thus, this second book came to be.

Grace to Endure--Before my second miracle happened, friends didn’t think I would last much longer, so they encouraged me to share more while I still could. They came to see me with a mini recorder, and convinced me to speak into it briefly each day. If I did, they would type it into manuscript form.  In my weakness, one day I spoke into it, “Maybe by the time this script goes into print I will have received my second miracle.”  I wrote that in what became the book, Grace to Endure. Thanks to the Mighty Name of our Lord God, those words of faith came so beautifully true.

What I'm Working On Now:

Yes, praise God. My 4th book, God Said Yes! Triumph Over Tragedy, features my second miracle as well as my first. I believe this new book, released by Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., will transform lives around the globe. I plan to do everything I can in God’s strength to help make this a reality. As long as I have breath, I will keep telling my story before audiences across the nation. I will watch God open doors and new doors. I will celebrate His Name for all the good things He has done in my life that can now bless others.

God Said Yes!

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