Michelle Lazurek

Why I Started Writing:

I felt a call to start writing in 2009 while at a ladies’ retreat. With the exception of some poetry in high school, I hadn’t written anything in my life. As I prayed, I searched Scripture for what God would want me to write. As I read through the gospel of John, the words “the disciple whom Jesus loved” kept popping out at me. Realizing not much had been written about the subject, I wrote down my thoughts as I researched, and soon, I had my first book. Writing has been a wonderful and exciting journey and I love every minute!

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

My English teacher in high school always believed in me. She encouraged me to submit my poems for our school anthology (the poems referenced above.) I loved seeing my work out there (as scary as that was.) After I wrote my first book, I sent it to her as I included her name in the acknowledgments.

As far as other writers, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee, and other writers whose writing style mimics that of having a conversation with their audience. It makes the reader feel special, and that’s what I want my writing to do too.

Books I Have Written:

In addition to my first book, Becoming the Disciple whom Jesus Loved, I wrote a guidebook for women to lead small groups in their churches called The Ripple Effect, co-wrote a novel called Between Combat and the Cross, wrote a book of encouragement for writers called Everything I Learned About Writing I Learned from Rocky Balboa, three children’s books: Mommy, Am I Strong, Daddy, Am I Beautiful? and Dancing with Nana, a book on hospitality called An Invitation to the Table, and a different spin on the prodigal son parable called Righteous and Lost.

What I'm Working On Now:

I am working on a devotional on self- esteem for women based on Genesis (working title Under the Fig Leaves) and a book based on the TV show This is Us (working title This is Really Us.)

Michelle Lazurek

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