Nancy Arant Williams

Why I Started Writing:

We moved from Nebraska to Missouri in 1999, from the only home I’d ever known, and because I struggle with change, I was rather lost, with no network, etc. When I asked God what I was supposed to do down here, He said to sit down, that He would teach me how to write. So I joined some writing groups and went full steam ahead. In the process, I found that writing was quite therapeutic, pulled me out of a depression, and I began to feel at home here. From writing, I learned to edit and really loved making other people’s work shine. 

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

I love stories with subplots woven through them, and admire the writing of Sue Grafton, Diane Mott Davidson, John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Steve Martini.  

Books I Have Written:

Murder Walks on Peachtree Street is the first of a five-book series that include mystery, suspense, humor, and zany characters that make people laugh. In all, I’ve written thirty books and a screenplay.  

What I'm Working On Now:

Right now, I’m working on finding the right producer for my screenplay.

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