Second Quarter 2019–Gone in a Flash!

We’ve had an incredibly busy second quarter here at Elk Lake. Conference season has started, so Deb has been traveling around the country teaching workshops and interviewing prospective authors. And we’ve published a whole lot of books for your summer reading pleasure.

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April brought the following releases: Little Boy, Little Boy by Elizabeth Armstrong; When Heaven Visits by Jerry Barnes; Anna’s Secret by Blossom Turner; Doubleheader by Clarice G. James; I Prayed For Patience—God Gave Me Children by Linda Wood Rondeau; and Then Came Grace by Travis W. Inman.

May was a short month as Deb was out of the office, but As Far Away As Possible by Barry Napier and Power Up by Jessie Mattis were released.

Stay Tuned for June!

A picture book of memories

Little Boy, Little Boy is a mother’s reminiscences about her son. She remembers all the good times and the escapades he had growing up. Anyone who has lost a son will treasure this book.

$9.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-43-4 (trade) | 978-950051-44-1 (POD) 978-1-950051-45-8 (e-book)

Dramatic Accounts of Military Heroes

When Heaven Visits presents twenty-four real life stories of page-turning action and encouragement. Read personal, vivid, and gripping details of war at its worst. Feel God’s presence as Ryan cries out in fear, “Lord if this is the end, please make it quick!” Hear an audible voice telling Chris how to escape from a burning vehicle. Be amazed as you see rocket propelled grenades driven into the pavement instead of striking Albert. Gasp as a buried bomb explodes, taking the lives of two of George’s buddies. Cry with Shane when he looks into the lifeless eyes of the young boy he killed during battle. Be inspired by veterans touched and protected by God.

$9.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-24-3 (trade) |978-1-950051-25-0 (POD)978-1-950051-26-7  (e-book)

Her Fall from Grace Was Hidden with One Little Lie … But Truth Wins Out!

Anna Clarke has faced loneliness for years, caring for a sick and distant husband. Recently widowed, with all that brought meaning to her life gone, the consummate good girl falls from grace in a moment of weakness and passion.

Horrified to find she is pregnant, she is surprised when those closest to her assume the baby is her late husband’s. Guilt and pride allow the lie to live until her deceit hits a wall when the biological father Dr. Matthew Carmichael comes calling.

Shocked at how one lie bled so easily into another, Anna realizes her reputation of devout Christian living is about to disappear like a leaf caught in a windstorm. She hears the whisper of her loving Heavenly Father, who longs to restore her soul, but does she have the courage to face the scandal and the truth of her feelings toward the handsome Dr. Carmichael?

$12.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-33-5 (trade) | 978-950051-34-2 (POD) 978-1-950051-35-9 (e-book)

Double Life or Doubleheader?

Casey Gallagher credits a carefully crafted game plan for her wins: her solid marriage to Sam; her lucrative marketing career in Boston; and her popular sports column, Doubleheader, which she writes with her brother, Griffin McGee.

When Casey discovers her late father, the one man she idolized, had an affair which produced a son he never knew about, she’s determined to identify this so-called brother before he sullies her father’s reputation. She narrows the field to three: two Boston Red Sox rookies who’ve recently befriended her, and a rookie state cop who works with her husband.

When Casey attempts to fit the changes life throws at her into her idealistic plan, she’s challenged by the dialogue running in her head. Is it her conscience or her imagination? Or is it the voice of the God she’s not sure she believes in?

$12.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-36-6 (trade) | 978-950051-37-3 (POD) 978-1-950051-38-0 (e-book)

God indeed has a sense of humor
He chose children to teach us too-smart adults what being his child means, the very special relationship the believer enjoys with our Heavenly Father. We adults experience the same chaos, misadventure, and heartaches as our charges. Through a child’s example, we learn how God nurtures us with his infinitesimal patience. This easy to read, often hilarious narrative, uses cartoons, witticisms, anecdotes, quotes, and Scripture study to bring home these truths. A veteran social worker, Rondeau draws upon her many experiences in working with families as well as her personal experiences as a mom. You will want to keep this book close at hand for those moments of weakness and pass the story along to your friends.

$9.99 paperback, $3.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-40-3 (trade) | 978-950051-41-0 (POD) 978-1-950051-42-7 (e-book)

Woman in Danger, Baby in Trouble
Lilly and Caton find themselves in a neonatal intensive care unit when their pregnancy unexpectedly takes a turn for the worst. Jayne allows herself to dance too close to the edge of danger and is left for dead under a bridge. Ruth receives a mysterious letter that might explain what happened to her daughter, Jackie. Susan discovers an old friend who just might awaken a new opportunity to love again. Mariah gets to fill in for her mother with the Secret Sisters gift exchange—but the gifts she bestows turns out to be more powerful than anyone could anticipate. Find out what Travis W. Inman has in store for these larger than life characters in Then Came Grace, the second installment of the Glenfield Series.

$12.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-27-4 (trade) | 978-950051-28-1 (POD) 978-1-950051-29-8 (e-book)

A young girl is nearly burned alive when her house goes down in flames around her.

A teenage boy is plucked from a river mere seconds before he drowns.

A father and his infant son are rescued from a car crash they should not have survived.

Despite these events taking place in different states, the survivors tell stories that share one thing in common: a man who has no face, rather a radiant light where his head should be.

While on assignment to debunk a faith-healing preacher, online journalist Jacob Gentry catches wind of these stories. Despite his skepticism, he finds himself fascinated and slightly obsessed. Jacob can’t help but dig into the crazy stories of the phenomenon that online communities are starting to refer to as the Bright Man. As Jacob travels from site to site of these miraculous rescues, he finds that he is getting closer and closer, catching up to this enigmatic figure.

While on the chase, and also still bent on his original story of a fraudulent faith-healer, Jacob discovers that there might be more to the Bright Man stories than the stuff of urban legends—that he may, in fact, be on a journey towards his own revelations regarding life and death, fiction and faith.

$12.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-48-9 (trade) | 978-950051-49-6 (POD) 978-1-950051-50-2 (e-book)

Hope and Help from the Holy Spirit
Eleven-year-old Lexi has learned all there is to know about God—or so she thinks until Miss Kate arrives and shakes up Kids’ Church with her new ideas. As if it’s not enough that Lexi has to get her history grade up or miss out on the class trip with her friends, her new relationship with the Holy Spirit is suddenly put to the test when a family crisis strikes. Can Lexi trust that God is good in the middle of all this pressure?

$9.99 paperback, $3.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-950051-62-5 (trade) | 978-950051-63-2 (POD) 978-1-950051-64-9 (e-book)

June’s Coming Soon!


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