Willard (Wil) Carpenter

Why I Started Writing:

My earliest memories of wanting to write was in nursing school (1981-1982). I had a lot of opportunities to jot things down, write poetry, etc. After nursing school, I became an avid reader. I would read during breaks. I read a lot of political commentary and history. Politically, I enjoyed reading Anne Coulter. Her investigative work is in depth and reflects her background as an attorney. Her citing would most often occupy an entire chapter in length. Michael Savage, Harry Stein, and Ronald Reagan were others. I loved reading Ronald Reagan as it quite often reflected his deep faith in Christ and love of country.

Historically, Martin Blumenson’s Patton’s Diaries stands out on my mind. In studying personal history, I had read, The Normans by Brown, R. (1983); Roll of The Battle Abby, by Burke, J. (1848) and Normans in European History, by Haskins, C. (1977). My favorite of this group of books, however, was 1066 The Year of the Conquest, by Howarth, D (1977). It was very insightful in its description of the Battle of Hastings. My most favorite of all history books is Past Forgetting, by Kay Summersby Morgan. It is her story of her affair with General Dwight David Eisenhower. My one-word description for this book, insightful.

Authors Who Have Influenced Me:

Tiring of political and historical readings, I turned to novels, specifically historical fiction. I don’t know how I came across Janette Oke, but I started reading her stories and love how she continues a story through as many as four to seven books. I fell in love with all the characters and can honestly say I read all of her books. Having run out of Janette Oke books, I moved on and wanted to read about the Amish, coming across Shelley Shepard Gray and her very first book.

It was her first book, “Hidden” of The Sisters of the Heart series (2008), which convinced me that yes, I can write seriously. Her work is easily and quickly read. I remember thinking to myself, “I can do this. I have a story to tell.” I also found out she was on the newly established Facebook. She became a friend and soon after, a mentor to me.

Books I Have Written:

Secrets of The Son series: “Prodigal” (2012) Amish Romance, historical fiction.  “Unveiling” (2013) Amish Romance, historical fiction. “Kentucky Rain” (2013), Helping Hands Press, short story for Murray Pura’s Cry of Freedom, historical fiction, romance. “The Blue Journal” (2014), Helping Hands Press, short story for Murray Pura’s Let Freedom Ring, historical fiction. Tears and Smiles (2014), TbI Publishing (self imprint). Poetry with artist Robert Carpenter. We Should Take a Walk Someday, (2014), TbI Publishing, short story with journal space with Miranda Ram Nolte, autobiographical story of Miranda Ram Nolte regarding her journey as a child suffering from cancer. She died prior to the book publishing. However, she was able to enjoy seeing the book come to life in the development of its cover and contents.

What I'm Working On Now:

I write for a community newspaper/periodical, The Boyertown Bulletin. I have two columns, “The Lords Corner” and “The Good Father”. I am also working on Fall of Crimson Leaves, an Amish romance. Crimson Leaves is a standalone based on two of the characters in Unveiling. It is a book written in the style of The Amish Menorah. “An abused Amish wife, a U.S. Army officer, a chance meeting”. I have also been asked by our children to write a legacy book, Essence of The Rose.

Willard Carpenter

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