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New in Fiction

Forbidden Truth

Written by Debra Torres

What happens when living the dream means losing yourself?

Johanna Yoder can breathe again. Willow Brook’s once tyrannical Bishop Zook has been replaced by Gott’s true elect, Gideon Hochstetler. And the new bishop can’t help but show some special leniency towards the aspiring Amish writer.

Working at the Mountain Laurel Star newspaper while remaining Amish is a dream come true for Johanna. And, as her love for the Englischer reporter, Judah Barton, steadily increases, so does a niggling suspicion that her former bishop rots in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Judah joins Johanna in her convictions, and together they seek to uncover the truth to what really happened that dark night over forty years ago when three men were killed.

But in the middle of searching for answers, Johanna finds herself struggling with a crushing crisis that comes from living a double life. Who is she, really? Does Johanna have it in her to embrace what she needs most as she desperately fights for justice for a man who once wished her dead?

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-476-4 (Paperback) | 978-1-64949-477-1 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-478-8 (ebook)


Hope Doesn't Disappoint

Written by Doralyn Moore

Cassie Bailey has everything – a great husband, two beautiful daughters, a lovely home and a challenging job. She never planned to become addicted to gambling. Somehow, it snuck up on her unawares.

Now, because of her gambling, the bank has foreclosed on the family’s home, she’s lost her job and her husband has taken the two girls and gone to live with his parents. Rather than visit shelters, Cassie chooses to live out of her car.

When she ends up in jail because of unpaid parking tickets, she knows she’s near the bottom. Fortunately for her, an unexpected source pays her tickets on the condition she get professional help to quit gambling.

Although Cassie attends a therapy group for addicted gamblers, she still can’t kick the habit. When she gambles away money she earned to pay for first and last month’s rent to obtain an apartment and provide some order in her life, she knows her husband will not allow her to reunite with him and their girls. On a dark street in the centre of town, she attempts suicide.

Through the lives of three people, Cassie is brought to the only One who can remove burdens, destroy yokes and give her a hope that doesn’t disappoint.

Paperback $14.98 | Ebook $4.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-572-3 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-573-0 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-574-7 (ebook)


Portrait of Change

Written by Maggie McKenzie

Dreaming of charming John, BETH TOWNSEND refuses to heed her parents’ concerns that she is being deceived. She travels to stay with Aunt Nora where John’s true character is uncovered.

STUART RANDALL plans to be a friend only to the young woman who lives with Aunt Nora. Though he desires a Christian marriage, he has his own reasons to keep his distance and to not be involved. Staying aloof proves more difficult than he expected for Beth is lovely, and her shy and hurting heart pulls him in some inexplicable way.

BETH ignores her attraction to hardworking and handsome Stuart. She no longer trusts her ability to judge a man’s character. When John resurfaces as part of a gang, she must find safety elsewhere. While there, she discovers a hidden family portrait, and all the family secrets are laid out before her with devastating results.

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-575-4 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-576-1 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-577-8 (ebook)


Miracle at the Mission

Written by Joseph Lewis

Book 2 of the Westthorpe Academy Mysteries is here! After recovering from their daring exploits in the exciting first book of the series, The Ghosts of Westthorpe Academy, best friends Joe Pryce and Pete Figueroa return for another thrilling, action-adventure in Miracle at the Mission.

During a summer trip to California, Joe and Pete visit Mission San Antonio de Padua where they meet an old Franciscan monk who warns them of the dangers they will soon face. The boys are drawn into a series of events filled with suspense, mystery, espionage, a high-speed car chase, and an assassination attempt by Russian operatives on the President of the United States.

Caught up in the pursuit of the assassins, the boys discover they have become suspects in the investigation. They must prove their innocence while also counting on the guidance of the old padre, who happens to bear a strange resemblance to Saint Junipero Serra himself.

With the world teetering on the brink of an international crisis, the story reaches its climax at another mission—Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel—where the boys and a large gathering of people witness an incredible miracle that changes their lives forever.

Paperback $14.99 | $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-566-2 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-567-9 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-568-6 (ebook)


Falling Apart, Falling for You

Written by Chris Posti

Three women. One reunion. A town forever changed.

Fans of Sherryl Woods’ Sweet Magnolia Netflix series, Debbie Macomber’s It’s Better this Way, and Sharon Garlough Brown’s Sensible Shoes series will relate to this “coming of age” tale about three former friends, now age 57, getting together again for their 40th high school reunion in Port Mariette, a tiny blue-collar town south of Pittsburgh, PA.

The women rally one another through changes as well as challenges—including the mayor’s plan to block construction of a new highway exit for the town. The trio must find a way to ensure the exit is built—otherwise, their businesses and the town itself will not survive.

Meet the women …
Suzanne. Her disappointing experiences with men, coupled with a demanding job as a traveling corporate trainer, have kept her from remarrying. Now, though, she’s convinced she’s finally found the man she wants to settle down with. But when she loses her job, her life falls apart—until she learns events can happen for surprising reasons.

Rachel. After her husband suffers a fatal heart attack, she’s alone for the first time in her life, struggling to run the family business on her own. Her neighbor wants to rescue her, her son wants to move home to help her, and her old high school crush suggests a new career direction. She’s got choices to make, and not just with her business.

Marla. Adrift after selling her thriving chain of women’s gyms, she’s swimming in money but drowning in pain. Desperate to create a meaningful future, she comes clean about her shocking secrets, and searches for the family she never knew. The town’s contractor helps her spiritually and her attorney helps her legally—leading her to choose one of them for even more.

Paperback $15.99 | $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-563-1 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-564-8 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-565-5 (ebook)

New in Nonfiction

Get Up, Girl, Let's Go

Written by Tracy Hester

Christian women are hurting but do not know how to shake the pain. They may even feel guilty for their pain. After all, shouldn’t Christians be able to overcome their problems?

Some emotional problems go so deep that uprooting them is more than a notion. And as much as one wants to be released from its grip, the pain cannot be soothed until the source is discovered and discarded. Get Up, Girl, Let's Go: Getting Unstuck and Living Free takes women on an interactive journey to identify:

• destructive family patterns,
• the source of bad decisions,
• God's healing and restorative plan,
• The purpose for which they were born, and more.

After twenty-four years of marriage, Tracy began a journey she’d never imagined—walking through a divorce. Overwhelmed by pain, rejection, abandonment, she fell into a pit of despair and depression. A note from her daughter, pleading for her to survive, started Tracy on her healing journey, getting unstuck, and discovering her purpose.

Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-545-7 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-546-4 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-547-1 (ebook)


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