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Sweeter with You (F)

Written by Mary A. Felkins

A spirited bakery shop owner.

A cupcake-baking pro ball player.

A game-winning play to find love ever after.

SERENITY LEWIS has a serious problem. After several successful years, her trendy French Quarter bakery is failing—no thanks to a national chain that’s luring patrons by way of lower prices and ease of parking. She’ll do anything to keep her bakery alive. Or so she thinks ...

Philanthropic defensive end, OWEN WALKER is one concussion away from a career-ending injury. With headaches that sideline the blue chip player, he just might need to consider life off the gridiron. But working at a bakery during off season? That wasn’t the side hustle he had in mind. But if it’ll help the beautiful girl he knew in college, he’s all in.

Owen’s baking prowess and presence is a PR magnet, but it stirs Serenity’s desire for the only guy she ever considered letting into her heart.

Too bad she can’t give Owen what he wants most. Working alongside Serenity emboldens Owen to consider retirement faster than he can crack an egg in his palm. And accounting records prove the two make a winning team.

But when Serenity reveals her secret, will it send Owen running? Will the uncertain outcome of Owen’s head injuries be a justified reason to reject him first? Or will they huddle together and let love win the day?

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99


Remain True (F)

Written by Thomas Nye

 story of heartbreak, hope, and the importance of friendship, family, and true love.
While searching Amana giftshops for writing inspiration, Tim sees a beautiful young woman and falls in love at first sight. Never mind she is gazing at him from a photograph. His love affair intensifies when he takes her home, and her image shimmers like a mirage.
Oma Zuber, his mysterious neighbor woman, invites Tim and his sidekick, a pug named Chimichanga, over for tea. Oma’s magical gift of storytelling pulls on Tim’s heart as much as the photograph. Reality begins to break up around the edges—what part of reality will Remain True?

Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99


Love on Life Support (F)

Written by Deb & Bruce Potts

Chris and Amy have all the good things in life—two smart kids, a fancy house in a picturesque town, good paying jobs, and expensive cars. But what they don’t have is unconditional love for each other. Then, after years of unhealthy patterns in their tumultuous marriage and their on-again-off-again faith journey, the unthinkable happens.

Just as a worldwide pandemic is declared, Chris is hospitalized with a life-threatening condition, and Amy is forced to leave Chris at the emergency room doors. Their old patterns don’t work anymore—she can no longer control their lives, and Chris can no longer hide from his problems.

As calamity topples their world, Chris and Amy struggle to deal with the greatest trial of their lives. When all the riches of the world cannot save or heal them, how will they survive?

Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99


A Future and a Hope (F)

Written by Caroline Powers

Her future's gone. Her hope's destroyed. It can't get worse, but it does. How will Larkyn get the strength to cope and find any hope for her future?

When the Army pronounces Gabe unfit to return to combat without one leg, he contrives a Plan B for his life. But obstacles block him once again. Where will he find Plan C?

The characters and plot will draw you in, but it's the message that will linger after you turn the final page.

Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99


Didn't See That Coming (NF)

Written by Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott

You did all you knew to do to point your children in the right direction. You demonstrated love in word and deed, provided for their needs, attended their events, and even respected God’s child-rearing direction in Proverbs 22:6 to “train up a child in the way he should go.” But as your highly educated and articulate children enter mainstream society, you discover they’ve developed mores and ideas very different from yours, spiritually and emotionally knocking you off your feet.

Didn’t See That Coming: When How They’re Living’s Not How You Raised Them is an oasis of consolation in the midst of your present storm. As you read, receive:

  • Comfort from other parents in similar situations.
  • Empowerment from what the Bible has to say about the issue you are facing and strength from the Spirit of God.
  • Answers to your what-can-I-do and what-should-I-say questions.
  • Encouragement to employ “care-frontation,” communication that conveys a combination of understanding, concern, and reality.
  • Inspiration to pray powerfully for your children.

Join author and baby boomer mom Sharon Norris Elliott as she guides you in taking your adult children to Jesus. He will make the difference in their lives and yours by strengthening you to face, understand, and “care-front” your child’s issues even when you didn’t see them coming.

Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99


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