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The Binromese (A Tale of Three Kingdoms, Book 3)

By: Derinda Babcock

Keena Listor, a Jindentor master healer with special knowledge, does everything in her power to warn the rulers of Vindor and Trezlandia to prepare for a pandemic but fears she is too late. The Black Death will come ashore at a Binromese port to the north within four months and, based on the information the Firsts brought from the future, will race south and east toward the people she loves. Will her vast knowledge of medicinal plants and their uses save a continent?

Dayveed, first cousin to Queen Sanna of Binrom, remembers Keena. She treated his wound when his espionage mission failed and he faced life in a Vindoran prison. Had she not stood before Galien, King of Vindor, and insisted she be allowed to treat him, he would be dead.

As the people of his country face death by the millions, Dayveed travels to the Ernaut earldom to beg for help for his country. Will the healer respond to his desperate pleas for help, or will Keena refuse because the queen’s husband, King Tiev, was instrumental in the deaths of thousands as he fought for continental control?

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Silk and Slippers (Whiskey River Mysteries Book 2)

By: Claire O'Sullivan

Death twitches my ear. “Live,” he says. “I am coming.” —Virgil

Whiskey River’s medical examiner Jack McCloud has PTSD, a dark sense of humor, and an even darker mystery surrounding his autopsy table. The body of a redheaded forensic science major collegiate has been found hanging from a second-floor railing with a peculiar set of clues near the scene.

Jack and Mercedes, his unwanted new assistant, determine it's not suicide, and when they team up with the Whiskey River Police Department to investigate the college girl’s case, the consensus is homicide.

As the body count continues to rise, Jack and Mercedes race to put an end to this vicious serial killer, even as they are drawn inexorably toward each other. But their fragile romance may be the very thing that undermines their efforts, especially when the tangle of clues point a deadly compass their way.

With their own lives—and the life of Mercedes’s baby son—at stake, they must use every forensic skill they possess to solve and stop the murders before the killer comes for them.

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Summer of the Waxman

By: Brent I. Brantley

"I didn't see that coming."

A disillusioned Chicago cop returns to his roots in Western Kentucky to seek solace after a tragedy. Deke Campbell tries to build another life in a laidback county sheriff's office as a deputy. Unfortunately, solace escapes him as an old enemy from his teen years renews hostility. Instead, he finds a romance with a defense attorney, Rita, through a tumultuous summer relationship. He also meets a mysterious misshapen hermit who lives out his faith despite rejection from locals. The trio, Deke, Rita, and the Waxman, become embroiled in a murder that pits Deke against his archenemy. The suspense thriller navigates unexpected twists and intense scenes until the story crescendos into a conclusion that has the reader exclaiming, "I didn't see that coming."

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Under Authority

By: Kimalee Finelli

Under Authority--of God or man?
Based on a true story, Under Authority is Kate Elliot’s unusual account of what took place at Cross Independent Baptist Church in New England during her childhood and teen years. The pastor, Rhuttland Abbott—or the reverend as people referred to him—believed he had been placed behind the pulpit directly by God. To question him was to question God, resulting in swift church discipline. Those unwilling to comply with his self-imposed rules and regulations would face severe, cruel, and unreasonable penalties.
Kate finally escapes this vindictive environment and builds a new life in a new city. But after twenty years of running, she finds herself back in her hometown facing the ghosts of her past and the ongoing pain from harsh sermons, shocking incidents, and the fate of those who did not obey the Reverend—including several deaths.
Will Kate continue to run or will she find a way to overcome her fear and the far-reaching fingers of the Reverend’s authority?

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LaDelle & Jubilant

By: Cathy McIlvoy

“He’ll eat more than his share and leave a mess wherever he goes!”

LaDelle Harris, a fiery fifty-one-year-old widow and the head librarian at the Tuskegee Institute, likes things her way—orderly and trouble-free. So, the last thing she wants is to take care of her twelve-year-old nephew for the summer—or maybe forever. Can a menopausal widow with a need for control and a troubled boy make peace with God and each other as they struggle with their fears and challenges? Professor George Washington Carver may be able to help.

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True Status

By: Chuck Richardson

Billy Yates, a forty-two year old Black college math professor, holds deep skepticism about God’s goodness and power, but after a series of strange occurrences, Billy realizes that he is the prize in a terrifying spiritual battle between good and evil.

While recovering from surgery that Billy is confronted by an angel who challenges him to examine his past rather than accuse God of wrongdoing.
After the surgery, Billy discovers a strange message on his body that he believes is from God. Confused and afraid, Billy accepts the angel’s challenge and in so doing he learns the depth of his own sinfulness which plunges Billy into despair.

Ezriah Reynolds, a Christian and Billy’s best friend, encourages Billy to join him in taking a seminary class called Jesus in the Old Testament, and for the first time in his life, Billy seriously considers what the Bible teaches about covenant, sin, and salvation. Billy, smitten with Nurse Angeline Otl, begins pursuing her even as his surgery commences. Angeline struggles with her own past, but she and Billy draw together and become vital pieces in the other’s spiritual journey.

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Abundance of Grace

By: Doralyn Moore

When Cassie learns her daughter recently had an abortion while at university, old memories surface. At sixteen, she became pregnant and with a great amount of reluctance and soul searching, chose adoption for her baby. There is never a day when she doesn’t think about her daughter and wonder if she is happy and well.

Lise, the baby Cassie placed, was adopted by two loving parents. However, in spite of their love, she has feelings of abandonment and suffers from depression. Starting in her early teens, she turns to alcohol to cope with her negative feelings.

Although reluctant, Cassie senses an urging from her heavenly Father to search for her daughter. However, Lise does not want any contact with Cassie. But when she’s attacked and raped while drunk, things spin out of control and she calls her biological mother to help.

Through a long, slow process, they both come to know that for whatever bad choices they’ve made, God has provided an abundance of grace.

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A Family Promise (Brookdale Series, Book 1)

By: Mary Ann Kerl

Brookdale, USA--A Second Chance at Romance

Second-grade teacher Trinity Andrews meets Max Blake, a parent to one of her learning-disabled students.

Max tells Trinity he is worried about his daughter, Kat, who cannot read.

Even though Trinity is overloaded with work, she agrees to help. She helps Kat all right, but Trinity can’t figure out how to deal with Max emotionally.

Meanwhile, Max has emotional baggage from the past, and he’s falling in love with his daughter’s teacher.

But will he manage to reveal his secret past to Trinity? And, if he does, will she even want him?

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Tangled Lives

By: Carol McClain

Two sisters and one man.

Both women love him, but only one is meant for him.
Crystal Snow struggles with the paralysis caused by her biological parents’ drug use. She convinced herself no one will ever love her. Roxie, devastated by chronic childhood rejections, knows anyone who loves her must be intrinsically flawed. Both want only what is right for their sister who is also their best friend.
Dreams upend career. Destroy friendships. End love.
When searched out by their biological grandmother, the past tangles with the present. Issues the girls wished to forget resurrect and threaten their dreams.
Who gets the man and career of her dreams?

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