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Legend of the Lake by Sheri Schofield

Can love overcome death?
Abuse? A long-hidden secret?

Lily Mains, pregnant and distraught over the death of her fiancé, Konnor, goes home. She faces a mother intent on marrying Lily off to a socially acceptable man Lily knows is abusive and pushing her to abort her baby.

Lily’s dad intervenes and sends Lily off to live with an old friend in his old home town. But what kind of welcome will single, pregnant Lily find among strangers in a small town in Montana?

Amid COVID and a cave in, old secrets and new situations, revelation and romance, will Lily and her baby find peace?


Time Walker by Ace Collins

In late 1943, Helen Meeker’s team reunites to uncover the reason why a man refuses the Medal of Honor he deserves. Unraveling this mystery takes Meeker and her team on a life and death chase. Their original, seemingly simple case quickly explodes into a complex adventure where they must find a man called Horse, uncover why Hitler hired a mobster to contribute to the Nazi cause, face a legendary hit man who wants to add them to his list of victims, and perhaps uncover a treasure once sought by the Spanish Conquistadors.

Time Walker is a story of self-sacrifice, honor, and difficult moral choices—an adventure that demands from its heroes diligence and wisdom, and a plot that examines the value of each life in a world where prejudice is common and accepted.



Maybe Now, Maybe Never by Chris Posti

At 58, Rachel, Suzanne, and Marla should be enjoying the tranquility of their golden years—perhaps indulging in pickleball and planning a leisurely cruise. However, life has a different plan.

Rachel grapples with the complexities of dating, her newfound self-confidence shattered by the revelation of her late husband’s long-term affair. And then, there’s the new matter of having to wear a wig.

Suzanne’s brand-new husband postpones their honeymoon, and she lands alone in her hometown, where she confronts her mother’s failing health and escalating hoarding habit.

Marla always finds reason to speak her (very smart) mind, but with every attempt to get closer with her daughter, she unwittingly says precisely what she shouldn’t.

In the backdrop of tiny Port Mariette, where the echoes of coal and steel abandonment still linger, all three women are faced with the added challenge of running their businesses. As the town experiences a fragile recovery, an unseen adversary threatens their livelihoods and the community they hold dear.

Amidst the uncharted territories of dating, marriage, and motherhood, the trio unites to protect what they’ve built, leaning on each other and their faith as they learn to give the love they yearn to receive.



Finally Forever by Karin Beery

Former competitive dancer Caroline Novak dreams of leaving the corporate world to work with special needs women at the Pathways nonprofit, but the organization can’t afford a fulltime director.

All-American defensive end Ben Allen was on his way to the NFL when a knee injury sent him home and into the same office as Caroline, his best friend’s older sister. When Pathways participates in a Dancing with the Stars-inspired fundraiser, Caroline quickly volunteers, and Ben joins her as the local “star.”

It doesn’t take long for Ben to realize it’s more than a dance competition, and Caroline is more than his best friend’s sister, but after two failed engagements, she’s hesitant to trust her heart with another man. When the NFL calls Ben, it looks like his dream might finally come true—but it could cost them the championship and Caroline her heart.


Windswept Promise by Timothy Lewis

In the spring of 1887, orphaned Laurabeth Appleby travels from Galveston, Texas, to Fort Worth in hopes of meeting her only living relative—an uncle.

Upon arrival, she learns he’s not only a former Texas Ranger but is employed as a freighter for the vast XIT Ranch. To find him, she must tread deep into the Texas frontier, an untamed land considered deadly for an eighteen-year-old single girl.

At the XIT, she falls in love with a young cowboy who’s trying to build his future by forgetting his past. When a deliberately set prairie fire destroys the XIT’s southern range, Laurabeth learns hard truths about trust, betrayal, and the faith required for lasting happiness.

The same God who has shown His faithfulness to mothers across time is faithful still to mothers today. Daunting challenges that contemporary mothers face are not unique to this time, and modern-day moms have much wisdom to gain from true examples recorded in Scripture.


Mothers of the Bible by Kathi Macias

In Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today, readers meet ordinary women of their day who, by God’s incomparable grace, were used for extraordinary purposes. Readers will journey through the lives of fifteen such mothers: Eve, Sarah, Jochebed, Hannah, and Bathsheba of the Old Testament—continuing through the New Testament with stories such as those of Elizabeth, Salome, and Mary. Exploring heart issues like fear, discontentment, grief, and gratitude, readers will discover solutions through these biblical models.

Through these life lessons, the author points to the ultimate unfolding of God’s eternal purposes across the seasons of motherhood. Each chapter ends with a Personal Application section and an appropriate prayer. Beautifully designed, this book makes the perfect, any occasion gift for a mother.


Justice in June by Doreen McAvoy

Will expects June in Fern Valley to be a time of joyous celebrations. One message changes everything.

As the bittersweet end of eighth grade draws near, Will and his friends, old and new, plan to finish middle school on a high note. Fun spring projects, ball games, and celebrating momentous occasions all await. Only one thing mars the glorious promise of June—the looming trial of Otis Mayfield. A message about Betsy, revealed during the reading of Percy Mayfield’s will, sets off a series of events that threaten the safety of both Betsy and the class bully, Beefy Boris. With new clues, Will and the gang resume their quest to discover the truth behind the devastating fire that happened in Fern Valley thirteen years earlier. Can they, once and for all, bring a just resolution to the case that has plagued them the entire school year?


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