New Year, New Books!

New Year, New Books!

Sisters Ever After by Erin S. Quint

Can God work in the hearts of two single parents so their daughters can be Sisters Ever After?

Gianna Harper is living on borrowed time. Newly widowed, she’s struggling to hold things together at home and keep her business afloat while dealing with her late husband’s effects. But something’s not right, and now, Gianna is convinced he was involved in something a lot more sinister than questionable business dealings.

Brock Hennessey fled California to make a fresh start in northwestern Montana. He hopes he’s put enough miles between him and danger—banking on a promised job to give his family a new start in a safe place.

Circumstances pit Gianna and Brock against one another, and neither one is willing to give an inch. As their professional dealings grow more acrimonious, their daughters become best friends, and suddenly, the four of them are thrown into situations that have them acting, looking, and sounding like a real family.

But there are hurdles to overcome, and danger threatens. Can God work in the hearts of two single parents so their daughters can be Sisters Ever After?


Under Penalty of Death by Kristina Mears

Will running set them free
or sentence them to death?

Keturah idolizes her brother, Justus. He stood his ground with Abba, declaring Yeshua Messiah, resulting in Keturah’s desire to know more about Yeshua, and Abba proclaiming Justus dead to the family.

Today, Keturah became a woman, but her joy ends in terror when Abba accepts an offer for her betrothal. Devising a plan to escape the arranged marriage is dangerous, but it works. Now she’s able to find her brother and live as she chooses.

Every choice she makes turns into disaster. Manipulating to get her own way puts her in difficulty and danger. Women get stoned for what she is doing. What happens if Justus and her new friends see through the deception? Will her actions alienate her from her brother forever? Most of all—how much does Yahweh demand of her life?


Smoking Flax by Jennifer Hallmark

Who Is He--Really?

Almost nineteen-year-old Reed Anderson wants to belong in a world where he hasn’t always fit. Three days after graduation, he decides to ride a bus back to Louisiana and deal with the events of his thirteenth summer once and for all. Back then, he’d stood up to his abusive Pa, protecting Momma and his sister, taking control of his life. But who was the faded image of the child he saw that day? Aunt Lula predicted his life would shift and change.

Something about space-time-continuum and the fourth dimension? He tucks her words into his heart. If he survives the shift, this could be his chance to start over. But the ghost child haunts his dreams. Even though six years have passed, does he want to confront the lies he’s always believed?


When You Smile for Me by Mary A. Felkins

A lonely model.

A troubled warrior.

A mystery that begs to be solved.

International model Laurel James has a perfect life—at least in the eye of the world. But her private life is shattered by a secret long-kept by her Dad who confesses he’s not her biological father ... and everything she’s ever known is a lie.

The identity of the man who abandoned her is out there and she’s going to find it, even if she has to put her career on hold. Her only clue is an old photo. But she’s no detective, and worse, she’s the target of a pesky superfan.

Enter Major Jude Buchanan. Stateside after meritorious combat experience, he’s on the hunt for a worthy cause to fight—anything to distract him from pestering syptoms of PTSD. So when the opportunity to be Laurel’s bodyguard while assisting her search for her father arises, he accepts.

But when Laurel’s superfan proves to be the stalker Jude believes him to be, he’s caught in the crossfire. Now, Laurel will have to make a choice—the truth, or the happy ending she never saw coming. What will it take to rescue the man she hired to keep her safe?

And is the answer to the mystery the one thing that can save them both?


Frayed: Held Together by Hope by Elk Lake Authors

In Frayed: Held Together by Hope, meet Cassie, who is haunted by the choice that caused her grandparents’ death. When a murder happens in the neighborhood, the only clues are in song titles. Will Agatha summon the courage to leave the safety of kitchen work to join the King’s quest? An aging baseball legend mentors a pitcher wannabe, but the lessons he shares go far beyond the game. With guidance from her brother, Meggie’s superpower may save her life. And a crisis with a horse, the loss of a career, and a Christmas tree in summer change a community in unexpected ways.

Bridging time and culture, each novella carries surprising twists along with the assurance hope is our lifeline to grasp when our situations seem to be unraveling. Find solace in this heartwarming collection penned by several Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. bestselling authors.



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