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Texas Faith

Written by Andrew Roth

Will things ever go right?

When Johnny’s pa doesn’t come home after the war, the Garret ranch nears collapse, covered with back taxes and worthless cattle. While he struggles with bitterness and dread, his mother launches a spiritual quest for God’s provision. Hannah Tall Basket, a friend from the nearby Comanche village, challenges him to join the Spirit-filled adventure in Texas faith. Will Johnny choose to seek the Lord’s purpose, or will his wavering faith fail?

Hardcover $24.99 | Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-668-3 (hardcover)| 978-1-64949-667-6 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-669-0 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-670-6 (ebook)


Terror at Wolf Lake

Written by Max E. Anderson

Eddy Thompson cheated on anything, anytime, anywhere. His hero is John Dillinger, one of the most dangerous bank robbers in American history. It’s winter in Indiana and Christmas break is almost here. Finally, school is out. After Christmas, Eddy’s father invites Chet, Rusty, and their fathers to drive up to a cabin he owns on Wolf Lake, in Michigan, for ice fishing, tobogganing, and winter fun in the snow.

But something happens up at Wolf Lake that will change Eddie’s life. It isn’t the brutal cold. It isn’t when Eddy falls through the ice. It isn’t even when two scary men arrive at their remote cabin. The boys’ fathers go fishing and leave them to build a snow fort along the back fence.

It’s dark when two real bank robbers show up, on the other side of that fence, as police sirens race toward them. They toss their stolen cash over the fence, hoping to come back for it later.

Eddie the cheater wants to keep it, and that’s when their troubles really begin. With so much danger closing in and with the help of his friends, Eddy realizes how wrong it is to cheat.

But the danger doesn’t end there. After the boys return from Wolf Lake, and are alone for New Years’ Eve, they find that home might not be the safest place, either.

Paperback $19.99 | Ebook $4.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-643-0 (Paperback) | 978-1-64949-644-7 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-645-4 (ebook)


A Father's Gift  

Written by Paula Peckham

Abby and Manny Blair anticipate the birth of their first child. Nausea plagues Abby every morning, and fears keep her awake at night. Orphaned at age eighteen, she prays daily for a safe delivery and a future with her child.

Now more than ever, Manny yearns for guidance from his own father. Good news can’t share good news with a man who’s been dead for years. Sheriff Williams delivered the devastating news of Mark Blair’s death at the hands of an unscrupulous card shark when Manny was only five years old. His grandmother, Yaideli, raised him, doing her best to stand in the gap. She did well by him and taught him how to become an upstanding, caring man.

But the impending responsibility of fatherhood looms over Manny like a storm cloud. He fears he will fail his young family. So many questions surround his father’s death. The desire to know what happened, to understand why Mark left him behind, overwhelms Manny. It’s nearing Christmas and the babe’s birth. He sets out on an adventure of discovery and finds something completely unexpected. Abby and Manny receive a precious gift—learning about the love and sacrifice only a father can give.

Paperback $12.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-683-6 (hardback) |978-1-64949-682-9 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-684-3 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-685-0 (ebook)


Unintended Hero

Written by Becky Van Vleet

How Can You Be A Hero When Everything Inside Says You Can’t?

When the first bomb drops on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941, Walter Troyan is a skinny seventeen-year-old California kid chock full of fear. But down deep he knows he must join the fight, so he drops out of high school and enlists.

Almost overnight, Walter is submerged into a brutal training regime and schedule. He’s homesick. Outmatched by all the other newbies. Knows he’ll never live up to his heroic brothers.

And his soul shudders every time an officer shouts, “What are you made of!” Because Walter knows.

But then? Hope. He performs well on an aptitude test which sends him to Gunner’s Mate School. Upon graduation, Walter is sent to the USS Denver, docked in Philadelphia. He makes friends, gains a shred of courage.

Then his ship enters the Pacific Theater and Walter enters the crucible of his life. His body, spirit, and soul are forced to fight against emotions and circumstances he’s never encountered, and he’s faced with choices that will bring life or death to men he’s come to love as brothers.

Don’t miss this epic tale—inspired by a true story—of a boy facing head on, the courage it takes to become a man.

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-691-1 (hardcover) | 978-1-64949-690-4 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-692-8(trade paperback) 978-1-64949-692-8 (ebook)


The Deliverer

Written by Jason Karpf

n a shattered America addicted to bloodsport, a Christian champion rises. Targeted by a tycoon, hunted by bandit armies, racing pillars of fire—will the Deliverer survive the broken land to save the woman he loves?

Amid Civil War II, rich consumers pay armed delivery drivers to bring special purchases to their doors, pitting them against hijackers in livestream entertainment. The top driver is Bren Van Allen, known as the Deliverer, an evangelist who succeeds with ingenuity and mercy over body count. A mysterious woman in a fortified, luxury community becomes Bren’s latest customer, embroiling him in a revenge plot against her cruel CEO husband. The stakes increase when the scheme threatens the launch of a terrifying new technology, sending Bren on his deadliest run.

Lost on the killing roads. Lives, hearts, and souls in the balance. A trillion-dollar invention up for grabs. Pray for the Deliverer.

Hardback $24.99 | Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-676-8 (hardback) | 978-1-64949-675-1 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-677-5 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-678-2 (ebook)


Ladies Uncover a Secret

Written by Robin Luftig

Her family has hidden secrets. Will she ever learn the truth?

It’s 1972, and Fiona Kasey-Boyd is living her dream life in Shaker Heights, Ohio, but something’s wrong. Married to a wonderful man, eight months pregnant with his child, she’s wracked with sadness. Is she suffering from the baby blues or something darker?

In a quick trip to her home town before the baby arrives, Fiona reconnects with her friends Lily-Rose and Sugar, leaning on them for strength. The three of them search for answers to Fiona’s questions, but they are stonewalled at every turn with evasion and silence.

Only the power of their friendship can help Fiona face the darkness of her family’s secrets—secrets whose answers can heal her heart … or shatter it.

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-687-4 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-686-7 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-688-1 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-689-8 (ebook)


Pieces of Dark, Pieces of Light

Written by Linda W. Rooks




In 2052, weapons of mass destruction are relics of the past until an unlikely discovery in Tajikistan thrusts their danger into the present. To keep terrorists away from the weapons, US leaders call on American diplomat Janssen LaMarche, whose diplomatic skills, family connections, and charismatic personality make him uniquely qualified to avert a world crisis. But before LaMarche begins his mission, doctors identify a health problem as terminal. Now forced to wage a life and death battle for himself, he must first travel back in time where an unknown fate awaits him, and family secrets on two continents come to light.

As a world crisis moves the plot through suspenseful twists and surprises, at the heart of the story is the personal saga of a man on a mission and the women who fear for his life.

Paperback $29.95 | Paperback $17.95 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-672-0 (hardcover) 978-1-64949-671-3 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-673-7 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-674-4 (ebook)


New in Nonfiction

Say Grace: A Scriptural Field Guide to Weight Loss

Written by Clarice G. James

Say Grace: A Scriptural Field Guide to Weight Loss is NOT a diet but a compilation of over 1,000 Scripture passages, covering 153-plus topics, intended to help you understand and overcome the reasons you turn to food before or instead of to God.

Though you can simply read the compilation from cover to cover, the goal with Say Grace: A Scriptural Field Guide to Weight Loss is to give you a convenient and comprehensive guide to Scripture passages, which you can apply at the moment difficulties, questions, temptations, or tests and trials arise. As you pray, the Lord will reveal just the right verses for you at just the right time.

There is no sin or habit more powerful than God’s grace. Through God’s grace alone, we’re able to break the stronghold of compulsive overeating and other habitual sins.

Hardcover $24.99 | Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-695-9 (hardcover) | 978-1-64949-694-2 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-696-6 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-697-3 (ebook)

How God Works: God Moments that Transform

Written by Leslie H. Stobbe

When Les Stobbe was asked to lead an adult class in his church on the theme of his autobiography, God Moments, his research and writing skills turned class material into a six-lesson small group study guide:God Moments that Transform.
He also drew on his years leading small groups at churches he and his wife attended.As an encouragement to writers and struggling Christians,God Moments that Transform contains the author’s reflections on biblical personalities that illustrate how God works in those open to his leading.

Paperback $10.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-679-9 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-680-5 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-681-2(ebook)


Jesus and the Beanstalk: Overcoming Giants and Living a Fruitful Life

Written by Lori Roeleveld

We live in unsettling, challenging times.

Everywhere we look, we see giant problems: giant obstacles to sharing faith, giant barriers to peaceful lives, giant strongholds of fear. But what if you knew eight small secrets to unlocking a strength big enough to overcome whatever obstacle life may bring?

Using allegory and a bit of humor, Jesus and the Beanstalk explores a passage in 2 Peter 1 to uncover eight truths that will help you unleash a larger-than-life faith:

• Faith
• Goodness
• Knowledge
• Self-control
• Perseverance
• Godliness
• Affection for others
• Love

In this creative, refreshing perspective on spiritual growth, you will discover an unyielding strength when you tap the power of a God who is stronger than any beanstalk and bigger than your biggest giants.

Paperback $14.99 | Ebook $5.99

ISBNs: 978-1-64949-662-1 (hardcover) | 978-1-64949-661-4 (paperback) | 978-1-64949-663-8 (trade paperback) | 978-1-64949-664-5 (ebook)


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