New in Fiction

Green Flash (F)

Written by Martha VanCise

When Marc Simms, maverick pilot, joins a mission team as a cover for a diamond heist in an Afro-Caribbean country, he believes avoiding profanity will be his greatest challenge. Traveling with people, however, who excel in compassion but lack in worldly or multicultural wisdom puts him in chaotic situations he could have avoided if traveling alone.During the nine-day trip, the charismatic widower intentionally charms each team member, except one, who warns missionary Forbes that Marc has ulterior motives for joining the team. Forbes, focused on keeping everyone safe during pre-revolution riots in the dictator-ruled nation, ignores the warning.Marc’s scheme, including romancing the attractive green-eyed Kerri, unfolds without a snag—until the bodies start piling up, and the Hound of Heaven picks up his trail.

Temple of Tzedek (F)

Written by Ralen Burke

No matter their failures,
the fate of the Three Kingdoms
lies in their hands.

Karina and Tristan lead their ragtag group into the wilds of Tzedek on a desperate journey to the demolished temple, praying they find remnants to point them to the last two pieces of the sacred armor. But Faramos and his minions are closing in.

Karina strives to be the leader the group needs as each clue draws them to the next dead end. Despite their failures, they find help in unlikely places, seek advice from the most unusual people, and adventure to places they never thought they’d go.

Join Karina and Tristan in this epic conclusion to their fantastical journey as they attempt to defeat the ancient evil infecting their world—even when standing up against the enemy may be the last thing they ever do.

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

Broken Silence (F)

Written by Beth Gormong & Susan Hayhurst

What if your deepest secret was revealed to those you hold dear?

Jinxi Lansing has settled into a new life with her friend and mentor, Janice Rafferty. She’s found a place to belong – finally. But what if her new friends find out about the part she played in a little boy’s death? Would her tenuous hold on her new life be yanked away, leaving her once again on the outside looking in?

Janice Rafferty and her son Dean have their own secrets. Janice’s secret could tear her family apart, while Dean’s could change the trajectory of his career and his life. When Jinxi’s former boyfriend appears on the scene, Jinxi’s new faith is tested to the limit. Jinxi, Dean, and Janice discover the truth that what is brought into the light loses its power over us.

Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99


Nebraska Haven (F)

Written by Andrew Roth

Go West, Young Woman, Go West!
As the Civil War marches into its second year, the ladies’ college closes where Jill Foster teaches, thrusting her into an unwanted adventure. Left with no other option, she flees west. While despair and an uncertain future haunt her, Jill finds support and love from the most unexpected people. Will her new life include familiar ideas and dreams, or does God have a different plan for her?


Paperback $15.99 | Ebook $5.99

Light the Darkness in Azalea (F)

Written by Nancy Arant Williams

A New Husband & a Dead Body!?

Fifty-two year old Makkie Yeats is just home from her honeymoon, when she finds a comatose man in a nearby field. He’s left behind a DVD, its contents, and a scandalous and deadly secret, which has a giant, conscienceless corporation coming after her.


Paperback $13.99 | Ebook $5.99

New in Middle Grade

The Sign (MG)

Written by Mellisa Chambers

A maiden’s quest. A betrayal.
And a realm at stake.

Fourteen-year-old Mage Martin received the gift of dragon speech when she was born. Now she lives the life of a princess at the castle in Aurafable. But caring for her friends is her heart’s dragon wings. After all, they are dragons!
Tasked by The Master, Mage races with her dragons to save the Two Eggs of a Great Prophecy. The Dark One will stop at nothing to prevent the return of the Dragon King. In despair, Mage takes what her best friend longs for most. All seems lost until she learns the power of forgiveness and steps into her destiny as the Sign of the Returner.

Ebook $5.99

New in Nonfiction

Lessons Along the Way (NF)

Written by Linda Wood Rondeau

Farm life is a one-of-a-kind experience. Living where you work, putting up with pungent smells, and praying daily the farm spreadsheets balance is the norm. In Growing the Fruit of the Spirit: 100 Devotions for Farm Families, Susan and Beth share their real-life adventures. Though they don’t work the land, they see the humor, endure the crises, and welcome the daily God-orchestrated moments as their families steward the land. Living life with an expectant heart opens us to applying the fruit of the Spirit to our own joy, pain, and yes, the miracles, of life on the farm.

Paperback $12.99 | Ebook $5.99


From Ignorance to Bliss (NF)

Written by Annie Yorty

What do you do when life comes at you sideways? From Ignorance to Bliss demonstrates how God uses the unexpected in life to grow and change those who are willing.
Readers receive inspiration and hope through a transparent dive into real life with Alyssa, who has Down syndrome. Annie offers stories of God’s faithfulness from before diagnosis and birth through adulthood.
Filled with humor, poignance, and practical insights, topics include:

  • Expectations
  • Education
  • Stress
  • Medical issues
  • Recreation
  • Work
  • Siblings and friends
  • Rejection and disappointment
  • Triumphs and joy

Paperback $12.99 | Ebook $5.99


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