2020–New Books Jan-May

Despite what 2020 has thrown at us, we’ve continued to bring your words to print and to “publish the positive.” Check out the books we’ve published so far this year:

January: Sweet, Sweet Spirit by Rebecca Price Janney

February: Renewed Redemption by Andrew Roth, The Trojan Horse and The Wolf Pack by Ace Collins, God’s Intriguing Questions: Old Testament by Larry and Kathy Collard Miller, Loved More Than You Know by Ken Wilson, In a Belly, Stinky and Smelly by Kristin Lehr.

March: Torn Asunder by Mark Alan Leslie, Tyrone the Terrible by Jan Lis, 624 Juniper Street by Shelley Pierce, The Lost Coast by Patrick E. Craig.

April: North Woods Poachers by Max Elliot Anderson, Henry’s Great Adventure by Luann Hamill, Paint Splat Hero by Laura Loveberry, Coming Home to Hudson by Kimberly Rae, Second Helpings by Linda Wood Rondeau.

May: Amish Menorah and Other Stories by teh Six Men of Amish Fiction, Blessed are the Meek by Amos Wyse, Darwin Finds Freedom by NicoleLisa Schrader, Highwater Hattie by Shelley Pierce, Freerunner by Kathy Cassel, Journey to Hope by Claudette Renalds, God’s Intriguing Questions: New Testament by Larry and Kathy Collard Miller, Dark Motives by Zanne Marie Dyer.

God Has Come to Asbury, Melanie, and He Has Told Me, ‘I Want My Daughter Here.’”

With that message relayed from her friend, Jack, Melanie heads off to the Asbury College campus and a life-changing event.

1968 was the gloomiest year of Melanie McKnight’s life. In its shadows lurked the pain of her cousin “Mac’s” death in the Tet Offensive, her widowed father’s departure on the presidential campaign trail, and Melanie’s residence with a glacial grandmother. A ray of hope becomes a blazing fire when she discovers and campaigns for Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who seems to be the only one who can mend a nation fractured by racial tension and war.

But life has a way of surprising us—and altering our plans. Melanie learns many lessons along the way, including the greatest one of all.

During this present darkness in America, the events of fifty years ago have never shone more clearly nor provided so much hope.

$12.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-07-9 (paperback) | 978-1-951080-82-2 (trade) | 978-1-951080-83-9 (paperback) | 978-1-951080-84-6 (Ebook)

Can God love me again?

Abandoned in the gold camps of California, Mandy Barrett scavenges to provide for her two sons. Despite her bleak existence, she refuses to seek God’s help, bitterly recalling choices leading to her self-imposed exile.

Brian Dawson employs this angry woman on his farm and teaches her sons about Christ’s love. Mandy, however, turned her back on the Lord a decade ago and feels unworthy of his forgiveness.

Mandy soon learns that God is relentless in the pursuit of his people, and his free gift of grace is forever. But memories of her past failures haunt her still and Mandy wonders if this gift extends to her.

$12.99 Paperback | $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-17-8 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-18-5 (trade) |
978-1-95191970-19-2 (Ebook)

In the President’s Service

When seven mummified women are found on an Army training ground, Helen Meeker and her team are immersed into a perplexing and horrifying mystery. But that’s just the beginning! When more bodies are discovered, Teresa Bryant’s past offers a clue as to who the victims are, but it will take the skills of Napoleon Lancelot to uncover the reason for their deaths. At the same time, Nazi SS units are being smuggled into the United States to conduct terrorist operations while their leader, aided by a woman who claims to have no soul, is under orders to find and assassinate Helen Meeker.

The Trojan Horse is a complex World War 2 mystery focusing on a desperate nation seeking a radical new way to wage war, a Nazi scientist working with genetic sequencing to create the perfect soldier, innocent orphans caught up in human trafficking, and a woman who finds pleasure in cold-blooded murder. To solve a baffling whodunit before more women are killed and to stop brutal terrorists who have vowed to bring the war to American soil, Helen must reassemble her original team and race a clock that is moving much too quickly.

$12.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-05-5 (paperback) | 978-1951970-04-8 (trade) |
978-1-951970-06-2 (Ebook)

March 1943

With the fate of the world still in doubt, The Wolf Pack continues the story begun in The Trojan Horse. This time Helen Meeker’s team is attempting to stop a Nazi terrorist squad while also answering the question of who is behind the murder of more than forty young women. With Becca Bobbs and Clay Barnes joining Helen, Napoleon Lancelot, and Teresa Bryant to track down an invisible foe known only as the Wolf, this fast-paced adventure goes from Texas, to New York, to Germany, and to Washington before concluding on an island lost in fog and dripping with death.

The action is nonstop with danger lurking around every corner and the world’s most powerful figure haunting Helen’s every move. The clock is ticking, death grows closer with each heartbeat, and while battling foes they can’t see or identify, Meeker’s team must unravel a mystery that is too horrid to believe. Finally, when the smoke clears, the fate of who lives and who dies depends upon a woman who claims to have no soul.

The Wolf Pack concludes with a stunning and unexpected revelation that begs the question…what’s next?

$12.99 Paperback | $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-11-6 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-12-3 (trade) | 978-1-951970-13-0 (Ebook)

Why Does the All-Knowing God Ask Questions?

Has God ever asked you a question? Have you learned something about who He is and your own motives? Or maybe you’ve wondered why God asks questions at all. Have you noticed the many times God and Jesus ask questions in the Bible? Doesn’t it seem rather unusual? After all, God knows everything. To His glory, God Almighty doesn’t lack information, discernment, or understanding.

Therefore, why does He ask questions? Does He need to ask questions? For whose benefit does He ask questions? In God’s Intriguing Questions: 40 Old Testament Devotions, husband and wife team, Larry and Kathy Collard Miller share insights from examining 40 questions God asks in the Old Testament.

Their goal is to help you unearth a fascinating spiritual exploration of who God is, in all the amazing aspects of His nature—His love, grace, faithfulness, mercy, kindness, wisdom, and so many other incredible pure qualities. He desires to draw us into more intimate connection with Him by learning the truth about Him. Then we will seek Him more, trust Him more, and obey Him more often.

$12.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-08-6 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-09-3 (trade) |
978-1-951970-10-9 (Ebook)

How much does God love you?

Loved More Than You Know was written by a new grandfather, and the content emerged from the question: “If I were not here, what would I want to make sure my grandchildren know?”

The story tells of Susie and her miserable day. Her mother and father comfort her by holding her close and explaining to her about the God who loves her, who died for her, and who can live within her. Susie is introduced to the good news that we can know God personally. When another miserable day comes along, Susie has a new outlook and a new hope.

Through this book, your children can gain a greater understanding of how much God loves them, grasp the truth they can know God personally and have him in their lives, and learn they can handle anything since God is always with them.

$15.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951080-70-9 (hardback) | 978-1-951080-71-6 (trade) | 978-1-951080-72-3 (paperback)

A New Adventure in the Heaven’s Heroes series

In a Belly, Stinky and Smelly is a Christian picture book retelling a classic Old Testament favorite. The story of Jonah is about an Israelite who God chose to become a prophet. Jonah denies his calling from God, and his adventure at sea begins. In a Belly, Stinky and Smelly is told in a unique perspective of spiral language and bold imagery to help children of all ages understand the biblical significance of following God’s will.

In a Belly, Stinky and Smelly blends a special combination of sight word development, repetitive language and predictable patterns for children to enjoy. In a Belly, Stinky and Smelly also places a primary focus on prayer and obedience toward God. Inspired from: Matthew 4:19-20 “Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’ At once they left their nets and followed him.”

Children will be able to learn a simple prayer and the importance of hiding God’s word in their heart. You don’t want to miss this next adventure in the Heavens Heroes series

$16.99 Hardcover, $9.99 Paperback, $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-00-0 (hardback) | 978-1-951970-01-7 (trade) | 978-1-951970-02-4 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-03-1 (Ebook)

THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has negotiated a Middle East peace now in its fourth year.

THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL has brokered a homogenized world religion.

THE ALLIANCE, an amalgam of society’s most ardent social-justice activists, has grown in power but not fast enough for its leaders.

Into this morass steps TRUTH PUBLISHING AND BROADCASTING, an empire driven by a biblical worldview.
Targeting Truth for destruction, the Alliance turns its foggy innuendoes into murder and mayhem.

Jake MacMillan built the Truth empire out of his own writing, wit and charisma. Between the Alliance and One World Government, Jake has become Target No. 1, leading to personal tragedy that puts him on a deadly precipice.

Darek Field, a young TV-magazine superstar, trades in that lofty power for a place on the Truth team. When Jillian Downs, a striking reporter, marries Darek they become a media sensation … and Target No. 2.

In this world of moral darkness headed toward oblivion, a planet starved for righteous leaders … is Truth enough to save mankind?

$14.99 Hardcover, $5.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-20-8 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-21-5 (trade) | 978-1-951970-22-2 (Ebook)

A Chameleon Decides he’s an Alligator.

Tyrone is the skinniest chameleon in the swamp. No one wants him on their team. After going on a fitness program, Tyrone gets carried away with his new self and terrorizes his friends in Gnarly Tree Bend until he meets Sly, the meanest gator in the bayou. Looks like Tyrone is gumbo.

The moral of this story? Someone is always bigger and badder than you, so you’d best make friends along the way.

Tyrone the Terrible is a bullying tale. The feisty chameleon picks on his bayou buddies before meeting his match. In the process, he learns the value of friends and family and how actions have consequences.

This delightful story is filled with swampy animal characters with a distinctly southern voice—not quite Brer Rabbit, but a good deep-south feel.

$9.99 Paperback $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-14-7 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-15-4 (trade) | 978-1-951970-16-1 (Ebook)

The Crumberry Chronicles

Eleven-year-old Jase Freeman would rather not think about the changes coming to 624 Juniper Street. Thanksgiving break at his grandparent’s Kentucky farm is the perfect distraction. The coolest treehouse ever, corn cob wars, and a mysterious what-could-it-be in the barn make for the perfect getaway.

Change isn’t the only thing waiting in the town of Crumberry. Unknown to Jase, a stranger lurks on Juniper Street. Friends who can’t understand, and teachers who demand his full attention complicate everything.

He never claimed to be perfect, but always thought of himself as a good kid. He knows he’s made some crummy choices lately that have jammed him up. If only he can figure out how to stop making a bad situation worse. He’s sure grown-ups complicate everything and wonders what life would be like if kids could make the rules.

Lies, confusion, and change leave Jase wondering what his dad would do. The need for forgiveness answers the question, “How can a God so big, love a boy so small?”

$9.99 Paperback $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-26-0 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-27-7 (trade) | 978-1-951970-28-4 (Ebook)

Another adventure of Punkin and Boo

A family trip turns into a deadly adventure when Punkin and Boo stumble onto the operations of a ruthless gang of marijuana smugglers. When the gang discovers that Boo’s dad is there to buy land for a resort, they kidnap the girls’ families to keep them from discovering the gang’s secret pot gardens. With the help of an undercover DEA agent, the girls escape into the untamed Sinkyone Wilderness on the wild Lost Coast of northern California. They face much danger as they seek to elude the gang, find their parents, and bring the criminals to justice.

Pursued by a desperate gangster known only as “El Fuente” and some very evil fallen angels, the girls discover anew the reality of God’s protecting hand over them, and the wonder of lost souls coming to know their Savior, They also find unlooked-for help from some mysterious treasure hunters, a guardian angel, and their old friend Jack Wilson, as they solve the mystery of the Lost Coast.

$9.99 Paperback $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-23-9 (papeerback) | 978-1-951970-24-6 (trade) | 978-1-971970-25-3 (Ebook)

What were the mysterious black planes? And what did they carry?

Time for the annual fishing trip. Every summer was the same. The two Washburn families packed up their identical over-sized pickup trucks and headed for Canada. Only this time Andy Washburn determined it was going to be different.

Andy and CJ, his cousin, both approaching their twelfth birthdays, tried to find ways to get out of all that fishing. CJ is a computer whiz, and tests new products for his father’s company, so he brings this year’s newest games and gadgets along, and they sure come in handy.
<[>After arriving at the lake, the boys made a deal with their dads. They’d fish for the first couple of days then the boys could go off and explore the area. This becomes even more exciting when two, identical, black float-planes landed on the lake after dark and disappeared into the cove around the bend.

Andy remembered at the Canada/US border, they’d been stopped and searched, another vehicle had been found to have illegal turtles hidden in the spare-tire well. Andy was sure these planes were poachers landing and taking off in the dark.

$2.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-32-1 (trade) | 978-1-951970-33-8 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-34-5 (Ebook)

Tales from the Clearing

Henry the turtle wakes up one morning in the place he loves most in the world—his home, his Wonder Place. But on this particular morning, all he can think about is leaving his Wonder Place to have an adventure, like the ones he reads about in his beloved books. Where will his journey take him? What will he find? Go with him and find out.

$19.99 Hardcover | $9.99 Paperback | $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-35-2 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-36-9 (hardcover) | 978-1-951970-37-6 (trade) | 978-1-951970-38-3 (Ebook)

A fun combination of rhyme and color theory.

Kids will love rhyming through this artsy adventure while laughing and learning color theory at the same paint splattering time.

$19.99 Hardcover $12.99 Paperback $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-971970-39-0 (hardcover) | 978-1-951970-40-6 (trade) | 978-1-951970-41-3 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-58-1 (Ebook)

Small Town Series Book 1

She was hiding from love …

Hiding behind her neighbor’s bushes to avoid the town matchmaker was not the way Leah Prescott expected to meet Hudson, North Carolina’s, new art teacher. Why did Jake McCormick move to her tiny town? He is charming, and his art and garden therapy days are unifying the town and giving new life to Leah’s ailing grandmother. But Marcus had been charming too.

Leah vows to avoid the mysterious Jake, but how can she when the quirky southern townsfolk are certain they belong together? Her three single best friends think it’s time for her to move on, but their heartache hadn’t ended up on a newspaper’s front page.

Is Jake worthy of Leah’s trust? Can Leah overcome her fears and risk loving again?

$12.99 Paperback |$4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-48-2 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-49-9 (trade) | 978-1-951970-50-5 (Ebook)

Can her marriage be saved?

Today is Jocelyn Johnson’s forty-fifth birthday. Unhappy with her marriage of twenty-two years, she has planned a noonday tryst with her talk-show cohost. A phone call from her college daughter, a peek into her teenaged son’s journal, a sick preschooler, a Goth daughter’s identity crisis, a middle-school son’s prank, and her husband’s inflamed suspicions, not only interfere with her hopeful birthday plans but throw her family into more chaos than a circus on steroids.

In desperate need of counsel, Jocelyn invites a Christian, her guest from her morning talk-show segment, to dinner. However, the evening holds little promise of calm. In the midst of bedlam, a forgotten faith rekindles causing Jocelyn to rethink her life and her marriage.

You will laugh and you will cry from the first page to the last as you journey through the day’s events and Jocelyn’s search for Second Helpings.

$12.99 Paperback | $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-42-0 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-43-7 (trade) | 978-1-951970-44-4 (Ebook)

Come sit and enjoy!

Six short stories by the men of Amish fiction to entertain and educate you. You’ll journey with an Amish man and the Jewish woman whose life he saves, agonize with an Amish girl in love with an Englische man, fret with two sisters both in love with the same man, pray with the family whose child is injured in a fall, work with the Amish sheriff in a western town, and laugh at the girl forced to be Amish for the summer.

The men of Amish fiction have a winner!

$14.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-59-8 (trade) | 978-1-951970-60-4 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-61-1 (Ebook)

For the English, it was the end of the world as they knew it. For the Amish, it was Tuesday.

Jedediah Wenger lost his family to an Englishe drunk driver. He has yet to put his life back together including the long-forgotten courting of the Bishop’s daughter, Felicity Troyer. When he’s suddenly faced with the task of helping the fading midwestern town of Prosperity survive, he realizes the task is greater than the town or the District can overcome.

Hearing about Prosperity through a ragtag ham radio, the remnants of the Government sends US Cavalry Captain Jimmy Flanagan to protect the town, which has evolved into a symbol of hope for all of America. His nagging concerns about his family in Nebraska keep him restless where he would otherwise find contentment.

$12.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-75-8 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-76-5 (trade) | 978-1-951970-77-2 (Ebook)

How does a timid mouse fit in?

Forced to flee for his life, Darwin searches for the Free Mice from Grandfather’s stories. But will they accept a scaredy-mouse like him?

$16.99 Harcover | $9.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-88-8 (hardcopy) | 978-1-951970-87-1 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-89-5 (trade) 978-1-951970-90-1 (Ebook)


Hattie’s mom says, “You be you, Hattie. You’re the best you there is.”

Hattie is unafraid to stand up to the boys of fourth grade and show Annie what being best friends means.

Hattie personifies what we want for our daughters.

Individual. Confident. Kind.

$10.99 Paperback| $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-52-9 (hardcover) | 978-1-951970-51-2 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-53-6 (trade) | 978-951970-54-3 (Ebook)

Set against the backdrop of the sport of freerunning, Kia must decide whether she will continue running or face her past abuser in order to save another child.

Night is Kia’s favorite time, when she freeruns to outdistance the memories of abuse she suffered as a young child. But when former reality television star Terrence Jones arrives at their school as the new head track coach, things begin to change in unpredictable ways. Kia tries out for the team to fit in, but just as she’s gaining a new sense of normal, her abuser steps back into her life. Not only that, but being on the track team causes even more turmoil. Why does the assistant coach, Cassandra Clark, dislike Terrence Jones so much, and even more troubling, why does Coach Clark dislike her so much? As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, Kia realizes she has to choose between running from her past or saving a child from the same sort of abuse she suffered. But will she have the courage to do so?

$12.99 Paperback | $3.99 Ebook

ISBN: -978-1-951970-45-1 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-46-8 (trade) | 978-1-951970-47-5 (Ebook)

The Legacy of a Mail-Order Bride

Upon the death of her grandmother, Boston socialite Cathleen Doyle resists her parents’ numerous attempts to find her a husband. While they are only interested in improving their social standing and increasing their financial holdings, Cathleen longs for someone to love her without consideration of her outward appearance or her hefty trust fund.

When she rejects every suitor, Cathleen’s parents insist she marry a man she only knows as an unscrupulous cad. Finding an advertisement for a mail-order bride in the Boston Globe, Cathleen jumps at the opportunity to escape the upcoming nuptials. She prefers her own marriage of convenience with a Wyoming rancher to a life of misery with a man she detest.

Secretly boarding the train in Boston, Cathleen’s journey is overshadowed by doubt and regret. As she weighs the consequences of her hasty decision, she remembers some of her grandmother’s last words—to trust her future to God.

With renewed hope, Cathleen steps off the train in Laramie and searches the crowd for the man she hopes to marry. Only minutes after her arrival, her fanciful dreams begin to crumble. Will Cathleen follow through with her plans to marry the handsome stranger? Does she have the courage and fortitude to survive as the wife of a cattle rancher?

Ben Sorenson turns away in anger when his father arrives at the ranch escorting yet another young woman in search of a husband. His father is convinced that only a mother can provide the love and care his children need. They had a good mother and Ben refuses to consider a replacement. And certainly not the spoiled rich girl his father helps from the wagon.
Will Ben agree to marry the beautiful young woman or will he send her back to Boston where she belongs?

$12.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-65-9 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-66-6 (trade) | 978-1-951970-67-3 (Ebook)

More intriguing questions from the Bible.

God and Jesus, who is God, ask many questions in the Bible—both Old and New Testaments. Why? His questions reveal who he is and the motives of the person he is addressing.

In Book 1 of God’s Intriguing Questions, the Millers examined God’s questions in the Old Testament.

In this Book 2, the Millers unearth rich background information and inspirational insights into sixty of the questions Jesus asks in the New Testament.

$12.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-68-0 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-69-7 (trade) | 978-1-951970-70-3 (Ebook)

Jet Wholeman, is a gritty, self-reliant homicide detective, who’s facing the perfect storm. While tracking down a young girl’s killer, he encounters a vicious terrorist cell. Jet grapples not only with the reality of evil, but with feelings of powerlessness to protect his own children. Adding to this emotional tempest, his marriage is unraveling. The realization dawns on him though he is skillful at uncovering criminal motives, he is blind to the internal forces driving him to embrace a secret life. He begins to wonder who is in charge—himself or something greater?

$14.99 Paperback | $4.99 Ebook

ISBN: 978-1-951970-55-0 (paperback) | 978-1-951970-56-7 (trade) | 978-1-951970-57-4 (Ebook)


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